Understated Rainbow Collection

The Understated Rainbow Planner started its life as the 2016 dated calendars. It was the first design I created with more than three colours. I wanted to make something bold and colourful but not too overwhelming to the eyes. The result was a monochromatic design that used six different colours.

Almost every printable I made to match this design comes in the same six colours, so your planning pages can match each calendar month. I even used it for all the planning printables in the From Scattered to Sane series.

Little did I know that this design would become one of the most popular ones here on Scattered Squirrel. So much so that it’s making a comeback for the 2022 calendar year.

The Understated Rainbow Collection is a printable collection that has all the pages you need to build a planner that will work for you. From dated calendars to notes pages, there is a variety of planner pages to choose from.

How This Collection is Organized

There are a LOT of printables in this collection. Most of the printables have six versions and that adds up after a while. To make them easy to browse I’ve organized them into sections based on how I set up a planner.

Each section will have a gallery where you can just click the image to get the printable. Under the galleries, there will be links to the posts you can find the printables in. The posts give you a closer look at some of the printables. And some of those posts have printing instructions, most especially with the dated calendars. Those posts will be clearly marked.

If you know what kind of printables you need, use the Table of Contents below to jump to the different sections.

I hope you enjoy looking through the printables in this collection. Better yet – I hope you find some that will fit your planning needs.

The Understated Rainbow Collection


The monthly calendar is a vital building block of any planner. It is the foundation that makes both long-term and short-term planning a breeze.  If you’d like to find out more about how I build my planners you can check out this post – Where Does Your Planner Start – for more insight into why I think all planners should include a monthly calendar of some sort.

In the calendar galleries, I grouped the calendars by year and then start day. So the first three are the Sunday start 2022 Calendars, followed by the Monday start, and then it repeats for the Academic calendars.

Letter Size 2022 Calendars

Half Letter Size 2022 Calendars

Letter Size 2021-2022 Academic Calendars

Half Letter Size 2021-2022 Academic Calendars

You can check out the posts that all of the monthly calendars are in by clicking the links below. If you’re using the half letter size calendars, I strongly recommend checking out the posts for the printing instructions. They’re a little different than my usual half-size ones.

Letter Size Undated Two Pages Per Month Calendars

Letter Size Undated Single Page Per Month Calendars

Half Letter Size Undated Two Pages Per Month Calendars

Half Letter Size Undated Single Page Per Month Calendars

Undated calendars can be a very versatile planning tool. There are so many different ways you can use them. To check out the post these were originally shared in, just click the link below.

Yearly Planners

Coming Soon

Monthly Planners

Monthly planning pages are a great way to pre-plan your months. They allow you to note upcoming events, prioritize your tasks, and plan your goals for the month. While they’re not necessarily needed in a planner, I find them really helpful for giving an overview of what’s coming up throughout the year. And they allow me to keep my calendar months uncluttered.

Letter Size Monthly Planners

Half Letter Size Monthly Planners

You can find the monthly planner posts linked below. These were created as part of the From Scattered to Sane series, and have been an invaluable tool to me when it comes to keeping overwhelm at bay.

Weekly PLanners

If a monthly calendar is the foundation of a planner, the weekly planner is the structure. This is where the magic happens. A weekly planner allows you to map out your time in more detail.

Not only does it offer the room to plan your week, but it allows you to see where you have busy days and where you have slow days. This in turn allows you to see when you might be overcommitting or where you have room for lunch with a friend.

The weekly planners in the galleries below are divided into two pages per week and single page per week to make it easier for you to navigate to what you need. As with the calendars, I’ve grouped the galleries by start day, beginning with Mondays.

Letter Size Two Pages Per Week Planners

Half Letter Size Two Pages Per Week Planners

You’ll find the posts for these printables linked below. You might have noticed that there was only one image for the Sunday Start planners. This is because when this collection first came about hardly anyone was using Sunday start weekly planners.

Those are a new addition this year and rather than having 6 files to save I combined them all into one, easy to grab, file. My suggested printing instructions are included in their post.

Letter Size Horizontal Week on A Page Planners

Half Letter Size Horizontal Week on a Page Planners

Letter Size Weekly Overviews

Half Letter Size Weekly Overviews

Letter Size Weekly To-Do Planners

Half Letter Size Weekly To-Do Planners


Daily Planners

Daily planners are wonderful tools for those who have full schedules or just like to see each day planned out on its own. I love keeping a few of these in my planner just in case I need them. Sometimes I use them for months at a time and other times I find don’t need them at all.

The collection below includes a few traditional daily planners with room for scheduling out your day. It also includes a few day planners that are task-oriented for those days where you don’t really need a schedule but do need a way to keep track of what you need to get done.

Like the other galleries above, links to the posts for all the daily planners will be at the end of this section. That way you can check out more information about them if you want to.

Letter Size Simple Daily Planner for Students

Half Letter Size Simple Daily PLanner for Students

Letter Size Simple Daily Schedule for Students

Half Letter Size Simple Daily Schedule for Students

Letter Size Simple Day Planners

Half Letter SIze Simple Day PLanners

Letter Size Daily Task List PLanners

Half Letter Size Daily Task List Planners

Letter Size Daily To-Do List Planners

Half Letter Size Daily To-Do List Planners

All of the daily planner posts are linked in the list below. The post for the Simple Day planners also includes notes pages if you’d like to turn the letter size into a Simple Day Planner with Notes.

Teacher Printables

These planning pages came to life as a Reader Request. Whether you’re a teacher, a homeschooler, or just need something a little different in your planner, these pages are great to have on hand.

Letter Size Weekly Planner for Teachers

Half Letter Size Weekly Planners for Teachers

Letter Size Teacher Checklists

Half Letter Size Teacher Checklists

Check out the post in the link below to learn more.

Notes Pages

I find that it’s always nice to have some notepaper in your planner. Whether you put a few pages at the end of each section or have a dedicated notes section, having a few sheets on hand if needed is always nice.

There are two different notes/lists printables for you to choose from below.

Letter Size Note Paper

Letter Size Master To-Do Lists

Half Letter Size Master To-Do Lists


These are the printables that are not really planner pages, but they are planner related. Adding extra pages or sections is how to turn your planner into a tool that is tailored for your life. While these pages are a little basic, don’t be afraid to expand your planner by checking out the Free Printables Index for even more options.

Letter Size Extra Pages

Half Letter Size Extra Pages

Dividers and Covers

When I designed the cover pages for the 2016 calendars I purposefully made them so that they would work as dividers as well. The label box is in the bottom right corner which allows the pattern to shine. This also offers plenty of space for your to add pictures and decorations to make them your own.

Letter Size Ikat Cover Pages

Letter Size Zigzag Cover Pages

Half Letter Size Ikate Cover Pages

Half Letter Size Zigzag Cover Pages

Enjoy the Printables

I hope that you were able to find at least a few printables in this collection to fit your needs. If the Understated Rainbow design just isn’t for you, be sure to hop on over to the Printable Libraries to check out the other designs I have available.

If you have any questions about the printables here, or requests for ones to add to the collection, please feel free to send me an email or consider joining our Facebook group – The Scatter-Brain’s Guide. I’m always happy to try to help.

Until next time –

Happy Printing!!

The Understated Rainbow Printable Collection is full of different planner printables to help you create a planner that will work for you. There are a variety of different planner printables in this collection from dated calendars to daily to-do lists, you're sure to find a few that will work for you.