Home and Life Organized

Welcome to Home and Life Organized! A series full of tips for making life a little easier through the use of planners.  We’re going to be focusing on our homes and our time, so get ready for some new and updated home management printables, as well as some new and updated planner printables – because I have to TON to share with you! 

I hope you enjoy this series as much as I enjoyed putting it all together.


Home and Life Organized

Whether you’re looking to put together a home management binder, a planner, or both – you’re sure to find some of the posts below to be full of helpful tips and a variety of printables to help you create the systems that will work for you. 

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The Home and Life Organized series was published in October and November of 2016. Throughout the series we cover the basics of setting up a planner and a home management notebook.

I'm sharing my tips for how using multiple planners can help keep your home and life organized.

Planner Tips

Creating a planner is a great way to make sure you’re getting a tool that will work how you need it to. There are a ton of ideas and options out there. Even here on Scattered Squirrel there are over a thousand printables.

With so many options it can feel really overwhelming. The next two parts of this series help make it a little less so. The first walks you through how to pick a planner that fits what you need. The second is all about how and why a home management binder is a useful resource to create.

Choosing the right planner for the job takes a little thought, but it's easier than you might think.
The purpose of a home management binder varies from family to family. Here are ideas for what you can use yours for.

Home Management Printables

These next posts are all the basics one might need to have in a home management notebook. The cover everything from important information and cleaning tasks to meal planning and family information management.

Emergency contacts and other useful home related information printables are great additions to your home management binder.
Seasonal tasks are easy to keep track of with these seasonal home maintenance checklists.
Cleaning schedule and checklist printables to help make keeping your home a little easier.
It's nice to have a spot to keep special cleaning instructions and a place to store those homemade cleaning recipes
These meal planning helpers will make meal planning a little easier.
Keep track of what's in your pantry and freezer with our handy inventory checklists.
Make Ahead Meals are a great way to beat the mid-week meal time rush.
Some useful printables for keeping track of kid stuff and information.
A few extra printables you might want to include in your home management binder.

This concludes the Home section of the Home and Life Organized series. The printables shared above will help you get a home management book set up in no time. However, these are not the only home related printables. If you’d like more options, feel free to check out the Home Management Binder Printables Library.

There’s also a new series running, where you can submit requests for printables you need or want for you home and life management needs. You can find all the new printables, as well as information on how to submit your request over on the Home and Life Companion page.

Planning Printables

In the posts below you’ll find a variety of planning printables. You’ll find all the basics to help you get started setting up your planner. If you’re not seeing what you need in the posts in this series, I’ll be sure to link to some of the other printable collections at the end.

My basic planner builing blocks are always monthly calendars.
Monthly Planning Pages are a great way to structure your year.
Yearly Planners are a great way to tackle long-term planning.
You requested them and they're finally here! Half-size weekly overview printables are a great addition to any planner.
Here are the weekly overview printables that match the 2017 calendars. You didn't think I'd forget did you?
A variety of weekly planner printables for your planners
Updated weekly to-do list printables to match your 2017 calendars.
Full-Size horizontal weekly planner printables.
Half-Size horizontal weekly planner printables.
Full-size horizaontal weekly planners that start on Monday.
Half-Size Monday Start Weekly Planners are here.
Daily To-Do Printables are great tools for helping tackle those busy days.

While this is the end of life section of the Home and Life Organized series, it certainly isn’t the end of the planner printables available here. As promised here are a couple more helpful links to check out for more planning printable options.

The newest dated calendars: Check Out the 2024-2025 Academic Calendars

The current collection for 2024: The Summer Garden Collection

And for an extensive, always growing list of almost all the printables here on the blog check out the Printable Index.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed the Home and Life Organized series. And before you ask, no there are no posts missing. Despite being a 31 days series, day 24 was as far as I made it. Whether you’re just starting to put together your systems, tweaking an already existing one, or just looking to add to what you already use, I hope that you found the printables to be helpful.

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Planner printables and Home Management Printables a plenty in this series, as well as tips for how using multiple planners can help keep your home and life organized.