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Here at Scattered Squirrel we love printables. Planner printables, home management printables, productivity printables, you name it we love it. We LOVE them so much that there are over 800 printables here for you to choose from. You can find them by perusing the Printable Collections pages or if links are more your thing take a scroll through the Printables Index page.

So come on in and browse the printables!

On a kelly greb background is white text that says "The Summer Garden Collection." Underneath is a partial picture of a brown leather planner with a yearly planning page partially showing the month of April.

the SUMMER GARDEN Collection

Make 2024 the year you create a planner that fits your needs.
From yearly to daily planning, there’s a whole lot of printables to choose from.

In this collection you’ll find

  • Dated calendars for 2024
  • Monday or Sunday start day
  • Various weekly planners in a variety of layouts
  • Daily planners and to-do lists
  • Teacher and Students Planners
  • Yearly and Monthly planners and more…

Have Yourself a Stress Free Holiday Season

The holidays are supposed to be a time of wonder, joy, and love filled moments. Don’t allow the planning and preparation to overwhelm those feelings.

Follow the Scatter-Brain’s Guide to a Stress Free Holiday Season to embrace all the good things the season offers without all the stress.

Title image that reads - Welcome to the Scatter-Brain's Guide to a Stress Free Holiday Season! Join in on the fun in the Facebook group. The background is a wooden floor, and down the right and left hand sides are a collection of gifts in red and white wrapping paper, Christmas ornaments and decorations.
faded image of notebooks and pens on a blanket in the background with a text overlay box in amuted midtone green, with white text that reads "From Scattered to Sane - 31 Days to Reclaim You Life (or at least take back your time)

From Scattered to Sane

Do you ever find yourself struggling with managing all the different hats you wear?

Is there a certain area that you really want to improve but aren’t sure where to start?

This series was designed for you. In it you’ll find encouragement and easy to follow steps that will help you reclaim your life, or at least take back your time

Home Management

Your home is your haven from the world. Organizing, maintaining, and managing your home shouldn’t be a full-time job. Sometimes all it takes is finding the system for managing your home takes some trial and error.

Planners and Planning

A planner is a versatile tool to have in your toolkit. They can be used for so much more than just managing your time. Finding the right planning system for you will make navigating life’s twists and turns a little easier.

Personal Productivity

Life can be crazy at times, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t ways to tame the busy. Routine building, goal setting, and time management are the tools that help us navigate life’s craziness.

Life Organized

From moving house to taking time to take care of you, the little details in life need organizing too. This section is full of tips to help make managing the little things and events a little easier.