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Spring had sprung and summer will be here before we know it. You know what that means right? Yep! It’s time for me to share the new 2024-2025 Academic Calendars!

Whether you’re a teacher, homeschooler, student, parent, or just someone who prefers to plan the academic year, these dated calendars are for you! And all you have to do to grab a copy or two of your own is to keep on scrolling.

This image is a tall rectangle with a light sand coloured background. At the top, in dark green text it says, "Planners and Planning." Below this is a picture of a brown leather planner lying open on a wooden desk. The planner is laying in landscape orientation with the bottom page showing a monthly calendar for July. The calendar is designed in a purple and grey colour palette. Under the picture is a tan label box with dark grey text that says, "2024-2025 Academic Calendars.

Introducing the 2024-2025 Academic Calendars

Every year I get to introduce new calendar designs and I look forward to it. But this year I’m changing things up a bit. Earlier this year I put up a poll in my Facebook group and asking whether I should create a new design for this year or update an existing one. I asked those that voted for a refresh to let me know which collection they wanted to see updated.

It was close, but updating an old collection won! I then took the suggestions collections and put them in a poll too – and it was CLOSE – I’m talking two votes between the top two. And the winner was Jewel Tone Quarters! And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

The Jewel Tone Quarter Collection

When I first released the Jewel Tone Quarters, it was back in 2020. Truth be told, it’s a collection that’s always been on the back of my mind and on all my list for things to update, because it didn’t really get many printables. In addition to everything going on in the world, we moved at the end of 2020 and making content just kind of got shuffled to the side.

So I’m really jazzed to be able to breath new life into this collection. I loved this collection when I first created it. It’s a monochrome quarterly design, which means each quarter is a different colour. Like other past collections, the printables I planned to make would be made in monochrome too to match.

I chose bold, jewel tone colours that would pop on the page. In addition, they also print really well in grey scale or black and white. I paired the bold colours with a pair of fonts, one bold and simple and the other a classic serif. In the end I had a simplistic, minimal, and ink friendly design that I hope you will love.

Ready to check them out?

2024-2025 Two Pages per Month Calendars

We’re kicking off the new 2024-2025 academic calendar collection with the every popular two pages per month layout. This layout offers extra room for planning, more room for notes, and is a great fit for anyone who needs to plan many things in advance.

As always, these come in both full and half letter size and you have your choice of a Sunday or Monday start. To snag a copy for yourself, click on the image or the link under the image of the one/ones you’d like.

Letter Size

Half Letter Size

These were designed to be able to be printed double-sided, because of this, when you open them the pages will look like they’re out of order. That’s normal. When you print and cut them, you’ll be able to match them up.

Be sure to follow the printing instructions at the end of this most for more details.

2024 -2025 Single Page Calendars

Next up in the 2024-2025 academic calendar collection is the single page per month versions.

I think single page calendars are some of the most versatile planning options out there. Every year I print multiple copies of these. One I hang on my fridge for our family calendar. I use masking tape to hang a half letter version on the wall by my desk. I even print a few for tracking things like meal ideas and exercise.

No matter what you want to use them for, these single page per month calendars are a great addition to your 2024-2025 planning needs.

Letter Size

Half Letter Size

These half letter versions are so cute and fabulous for using in lockers. Students can use them to note important school days, test dates and more. Or pop one up in your work locker to log your work hours or your gym locker for tracking your workouts.

Just like the two pages per month half letter calendars, these ones were also designed for printing double-side. They’re going to look a little weird when you first look at the file. That’s totally normal. See the printing instructions just after these printables.

Printing Instructions for The Half Letter Calendars

For those who want to print them double-sided.

  1. Open the file in your PDF reader.
  2. Select Two-Sided or Double Sided if you have a duplexer, or select Odd Pages if you manually flip.
  3. If your printer has a duplexer, be sure that Short-Edge binding or Flip on Short Edge is selected.
  4. Print.
  5. If you need to manually flip your pages, do that now and the print Even Pages.
  6. Cut in half and punch as normal OR fold in half to create a booklet.

For those that want to print them single-sided, you just need to press print. Cut and punch as normal.

Before you Go

I would love to hear what you think about the 2024-2025 Academic Calendars? Were you here back in 2021 whenI first introduced the Jewel Tone Quarters collection? Are there any planner printables you hope to see added to the collection? Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know.

Have you heard that there’s a Facebook group just for us squirrelies? Come on over and check out the Scatter-Brain’s Guide group. We chat planners, organizing, vote on designs, and, on occasion, I even share exclusive printables that you won’t find anywhere else.

It’s loads of fun and it’s free! Click the button below to check it out.

Until Next Time,

~Happy Printing!

This image is a tall rectangle. The top two thirds are taken up by a photo of a white and teal leather planner lying open on a wooden desk. Only the top half of the centre of the planner is visible. The pages show a Monday start calendar in a purple and grey colour palette, spread across the two pages. Below that is a tan label that says "Jewel Tone Quarters" in white text. Under that, on a sand background is dark green text that says "2024-2025 Academic Calendars."

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