Blast from the Past – April’s Reader Faves

Come take a trip down memory lane with me! Scattered Squirrel just past its 12 year milestone back in March. In those twelve years I’ve written hundreds of posts and created over a thousand printables.

With so much available I thought it would fun to take a look back some of the posts and pages that you, my lovely readers, have visited the most. And so I would like to introduce a new month feature series that I’m calling Blast From the Past! We’re kicking it off with April’s Reader Faves from years gone by.

What is Blast From the Past

The Blast From the Past is a new post that will come out once a month. It will feature a collection of posts and pages that have hit my monthly top 20-50 posts in previous years. I always find it interesting to see which content stands the test of time and which come and go. The five pieces of content I’m sharing each month will be a mix of all both.

Now enough rambling from me, let’s take a look at these posts.

April’s Reader Faves

April is always an interesting month to see what people are reading on the blog. School years are getting close to wrapping up for summer, new academic calendars come out, and some of us are finally able to start throwing open the windows and get our spring cleaning started.

It was no surprise that the posts for this month are also varied. Let’s check them out. Just click the picture of the post or the link underneath to hop over to check them out.

Colourful Address Book and Password Log Printables

This post has been hitting the top twenty almost every month for the past three years. If you had told me it would do that when I first published it I wouldn’t have believed you. Especially if you told me it would gain popularity years after I first hit publish.

Even as little as eight years ago, I wondered if pages like address books and password logs were on their way to becoming obsolete. I’m so very happy my skepticism was misplaced and even more happy that these still seem to be a favourite choice.

These printables and the other ones in this series were designed to match the Understated Rainbow collection.

This image shows a photo of a teal and white leather planner lying open on a wooden desk. Only the top center portion of the planner is visible. The pages show an address book, with each contact being a different colour, going in reverse rainbow down the page. Beneath the photo in a medium brown box with white text that says "Understated Rainbow" and below that is dark green text that says "Address Book & Password Log Printables."

Click here to check out the Address Book and Password Log post.

Black and White Weekly Planner Printables

This post was part of a series that I tried to run years ago. I wanted to create a collection of black and white printables. I invited readers to let me know which printables they wanted to see converted. Turns out, not as many people wanted black and white versions as I thought.

But that doesn’t stop this post from being a repeat reader fave. It hits my monthly top 20 at least a few times every year. In the post you’ll find a collection of weekly planners, all black and white versions of the Understated Rainbow and Sunshine Skies printable collections.

Hop on over and check them out. And if there are some Scattered Squirrel printables that you’d like to see converted to black and white, drop me a line in comments section and tell me which ones. I’d love to add them to this collection.

This image is a large, light sand coloured rectangle in portrait orientation. "Planners and Planning" is written at the top in dark green text. Below that is a photo of the top right two thirds of a planner which is lying on a wooden desk. The page on the planner a black and white weekly overview planner page. Under the photo is a tan box with dark grey title text that says, "Black & White Weekly Planner Printables"

Click here to check out the Black and White Weekly Planner Printables!

Vacation Planner Printables

If the other two posts surprised me by being reader favourites repeatedly throughout the years, this one takes the cake. The vacation planner post is almost ALWAYS on the list. All year long, almost every single month, since a month after it was published.

The last few Aprils it started showing up higher in the list than any other month, so that’s why I chose to include it in this month’s Reader Faves. Also, I’m working on a theory that people are downloading vacation planners in April for a reason. So if you haven’t had a chance to check them out, please do.

There’s also a newer version of the Vacation planners, including half letter size, and that post is linked in Vacation Planner post.

This image shows a photo of a planner lying open on a wooden desk. The top right third of the right hand page is visible and shows part of a vacation planner printable designed in shades of teal with orange accents. At the bottom of the photo is a tan box that says Life Organized in white text. Under that, in dark green text is the title, "Vacation Planner Printables" on a light sand background.

Check out the Vacation Planner Printables by clicking here.

Monthly Family Budget Printables

April is such a nice month, except, perhaps for being tax season. I’m pretty sure that’s why this post with budget planner printables seems to pop up every April. I don’t know about you, but I find that we tend to re-evaluate our finances and budget in April since we’re already in finance mode.

The printables in this post are a very basic budget planner. They’re set up so that you can plan and track your budget for a whole year. There’s room for multiple incomes as well as space to customize your savings and expenses. They’re simple, but they work.

This image is a large, light sand coloured rectangle in portrait orientation. "Life Organized" is written at the top in dark green text. Below that is a photo of the top right two thirds of a planner which is lying on a wooden desk. The page on the planner shows a title page. It's got a blue border surrounding a light grey chevron background. In the center of the page is a blue lable with white text that says "Finances". Under the photo is a tan box with dark grey title text that says, "Keep Track of Your Finances with Monthly Family Budget Printables"

Get your Monthly Family Budget Printables here!

Moving Planner Collection

The fact that this planner collection page shows up high every April isn’t surprising to me in the least. Summer tends to be the busiest season for moving house and taking time before the end of the school year chaos to put together a move planner makes a lot of sense.

Unlike the posts listed above, this one is a printable collection (I also sometime call them printable libraries). All the move planning printables are available right there on the page. The posts you can find them in are linked at the end of the sections if you want to read more about how they were designed to be used.

This tall rectangle picture features a dark green slanted rectangle that covers the top third of the picture. On the background in white text are the words "Move Management Printables." Below that is a smaller, tan, rectangle set on angle that says "scatteredsquirrel.com". The rest is a picture that show part of brown leather planner with a dark green pen in the pen look. The part of the planning page that is shown is from the move in necessities checklist.

Click here to check out the Move Management page for all moving related planner printables.

That’s it for April’s Reader Faves! What did you think? Were you here when they first published? Are any of these new to you? Let me know in the comments!

Before You Go

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Until Next Time,

Happy Printing!!!

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