Utilize Structured To-do Lists to help Make Managing Life a Little Easier

Some say that life ebbs and flows like the oceans, but sometimes it feels more like white water rafting down never ending rapids. When life starts feeling like that, I grab one of my structured to-do lists to help make navigating the crazy a little bit easier.

There is nothing particularly fancy about the daily, weekly, and monthly to-do lists that I’m sharing today. But these tools can be a power house during hectic times when you need a little more structure to your list and a little more room than your planner offers.

This image starts with small, dark green text in all capitals that says Planners and Planning. Beneath the text is a picture of a teal and white planner lying open on a wooden desk. Only the gold disc binding and the right half of the planner are showing. The planner pages ia a weekly to-do list. Under this picture is grey text on a tan background that says "Make Managing Life a Little Easier with Structured To-Do List."

The Summer Garden Structured To-Do Lists

Like I said above, these aren’t fancy and they’re not going to magically make life less scattered. What these structured to-do lists will do is help you organize the chaos in different ways. This in turn will allow you to plan your days, weeks, or months in a way that will work with you to get through the crazy times.

The ONLY difference between the three to-do lists I’m sharing in this post are their titles. All three are laid out in the same way. So no matter if you’re using the daily, weekly, or monthly version, you fill them out the same way.

At the top, it’s all about the big picture and priorities. There’s room for the focus for the day/week/month as well as a spot to list your top three priorities. Below your top three there is also a box for reminders. This is where you can note things you don’t want to forget about. Sometimes I find it easier to fill the top section out last.

Then we get into the to-do list portion of the printable. On the left hand side there are three sections to create a to-do list of all your tasks. They’re labeled as Important and Urgent Tasks, Other Tasks, and Fun Stuff. I added the Fun Stuff section, because even during chaotic times we need to have time for a little fun. Even if that fun stuff is reading or taking a 20 minute cat nap.

Tip – Customize these sections by using correction tape or white out to erase my labels and write in your own.

On the right side of this to-do list, here are spaces to note any correspondence you might need to participate in as well as errands you need to run. By separating tasks from other appointments and events you’re able to get a better understanding of what’s happening during this time frame.

The last section on the printables is a place to put things you want or need to schedule for another time. I call this space Worries for Another (day/week/month), because whatever goes here doesn’t need to be thought about until later.

Ready to check out the structured to-do lists?

This graphic shows dark green text on a tan and brown colour blocked background. The text says "Daily, Weekly, and Monthly Structured To-Do Lists." Beneath the text is an image of three planner pages, a daily, weekly, and monthly to-do list.

Structured To-Do Lists

I’m not going to talk about each one of these. I already went over them above. I’m just going to share each one, both the full and half-size versions.

Daily To-Dos

Weekly To-Dos

Monthly To-Dos

I didn’t mention this above, but I wanted to note it before you left. These lists could easily be used a planning system all on their own. Especially for anyone who doesn’t need to rely on a planner with timed slots to map out their weeks/days.

These also work fabulously with another planning system. I like to have a few on hand for days, weeks, or months that are busier than usual. Or for times when I just need to see what we have coming up listed out. I find it helps me to batch like tasks together and knock out a bunch of errands all on one day, or tackle all the home tasks on a weekend, etc…

Whether you choose to use these printables or not, I hope that next time life starts getting crazy you’ll try a segmented or structured to-do list to help you categorize and prioritize your time in a way that will be best work for you.

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This image starts with grey text on a tan background that says "Structured To-Do Lists to Help Organize Your Time." Then there is a small light beige rectangle with small, dark green text says Summer Garden Collection. Beneath is a picture of a teal and white brown planner lying open on a wooden desk. Only the black disc binding and the left half of the planner are showing. The planner pages ia a weekly to-do list.

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