Simple Daily Planners for Students Now in The Understated Rainbow Collection.

Daily life for a student can be really busy and often that’s something that is outside of their control. There’s a ton of information and assignments and tasks that need to keep track of. That’s why these simple daily planners for students were created. Schoolwork can be complicated but planning for it shouldn’t be.

These daily planners for students make a great addition to school planners. They're versatile and can change as planning needs change. They come in two different sizes with six colours to choose from.

Simple Daily Planners for Students

The daily planners for students that I’m sharing today aren’t a new printable to the site. Originally they started off as Reader Requests. Each one was designed to meet specific needs and every year I get emails and messages asking where the new ones are.

So I knew I had to create an updated version of them to go with the Understated Rainbow Collection.

True to their name, these daily planners are simple both in layout and design. Below you’ll find two different daily planners. Each comes in full and half-letter size, in monochrome colour pallets that match the colours of the 2021-22 Dated Academic Calendars.

As always, to snag a copy for yourself simply click the image of the printables you want and you can download or print straight from your browser.

Simple Daily Planner for Students

First up we have the simple daily planner. This one features six boxes with checklists in them. They are unlabelled so they can be customized to fit each student’s needs. Though they were requested as a daily, you could also easily use these as a weekly if you combine the weekend into one box.

Additionally, these could also be used for keeping track of larger assignments with different stages. The original request stated that the boxes were going to be used for each subject the student had per day, with a spare leftover for afterschool activities.

With no labels, these planner pages really are quite versatile.

Full-Size Simple Daily Planners

The full, or letter size, planning pages will fit most standard binders and large planners. Each file contains two pages to make double-sided printing with a duplexer easier. Just be sure to choose Long Edge Binding when you go to print.

Half-Size Simple Daily Planners

As the title implies, these ones are half-letter size. They’ll fit most A5 and mini binders, though they can also easily be tucked into standard binders as well. They print two planners to a page, and like the full-size version they come with two pages in the file. When printing double-sided with a duplexer, be sure to choose the Short Edge Binding option so the reverse side will print properly,

Because of their versatility, these daily planners could be used in a number of different ways. For instance, you could use them for planning your cleaning or for creating a list of meal ideas. Additionally, they could be used to create wishlists, reading lists organized by genre, or even shopping lists.

Don't miss these daily planners for students. The simple layout offers clean lines and tons of versatility. They come in six different colours and in two different sizes. There's sure to be one that will fit your student needs.

Simple Daily Schedules for Students

There really isn’t much to say about these planner printables. They kind of speak for themselves because they really are just a simple daily schedule planner. There are three main sections. First, at the top of the left-hand side, there’s a place for noting your top three things of the day.

Next, directly underneath that, you have a section that is divided into timed slots that go from 6 am until 10 pm. This is a great space for time blocking and making sure you have time to complete homework each day.

Finally, on the right-hand side are four list sections. These are unlabelled which makes really flexible. You can create lists for different things each day if that’s what works best for you.

Just like the other daily planner for students, these ones come in all six colours and in full letter and half letter sizes.

Full-Size Simple Daily Schedules

Just like the ones above, these ones print on regular 8 1/2 x 11 paper and will fit most standard binders. In addition, they also come with two pages per file to ensure double-sided printing is as easy as I can make it on my end.

Half-Size Simple Daily Schedules

Again, just like the other half-size ones above, these ones feature two planners per letter-size piece of paper. The two pages per file ensure that double-sided printing will be a breeze.

While these simple daily schedules were created with students in mind, they could easily be used by anyone who needs a daily planner. They offer structure without being too rigid and they also offer flexibility to change things up as you need to.

Do You Need Different Planners for Students?

My goal with any of the printables I offer here is to create something that will be useful for you. So if you can think of other printables that might be handy for students to have, please feel free to let me know in the comments below

Or head on over to the Scatter-Brain’s Guide Facebook group and chime in there.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts and suggestions.

Until next time,

Happy Printing!

Keep track of school assignments, tests, and classes with the help of these two simple daily planners designed with students in mind. They're customizable and adaptable so they'll fit your planning needs, even if those needs change over time.

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