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Personal size planners are wonderful for many reasons, portability being right up there at the top.  If you’re like me and have larger handwriting, or if you have a lot going on each week, their size can present a few hurdles that need to be overcome.  Namely – having enough space to properly plan your days and weeks.  To help combat that problem I made a couple personal size daily planner printables that can be used in a few different ways to make sure we’re making the most of these smaller pages.

These personal size daily planner printables feature on day per page, either just the daily planners or mix and match with graph paper.

If you normally use an A5 (half-size) or larger style planner, chances are good that a weekly spread works well for you.  Most of them afford enough room to be flexible and versatile.  A weekly spread is one of the most common ones out there because it works well to fit many different needs.  In a personal size planner, though, the weekly spread doesn’t leave a lot of planning space.

That’s where having daily planner pages on hand can really help.  You can use them when you need them for those extra busy days or use them every day to keep yourself on track.  I tried to think of different ways these might be used when I made them so there are two different layout options available.

Personal Size Daily Planner Printables

Like I mentioned about, space is limited in personal size planners so I gave the layout of these a lot of consideration.  I wanted to create a planner printable that was super functional.

Personal-Size Daily Planner Printables - feature one day per page.

Because space was so tight I opted to skip the usual headers and titles and just keep it simple.  The top of the page has the initials for the days of the week and space to write out the date.  You can use it however you like.  I envisioned circling the day of the week and writing out the actual date in the box when I made it.

Next is the  agenda or schedule area.  This section gave me some grief, in the end, I had to just go with hourly segments.

You know me, I never met a checklist I didn’t like.  This section has a lot of versatility to it.   Use it for your to-do list, shopping list, spending tracker, anything really.

And lastly a section for notes.  I purposefully left this area blank for those of you who like to use stickers and stamps to decorate your planners or add in some extra functionality.  There isn’t much room, but what is there can be easily customized to what you need.  Or you can just do like I go and jot down any notes or reminders for the following day.

As always to snag a copy for yourself just click the picture and you’ll be taken to the PDF file.

This Personal-Size Daily Planner Printable features single page on one page with graph paper on the other

The more I thought about the ways the personal size daily planner printables could be used, the more I realized that there might be some of you who would need more planning room, whether for more notes or details about appointments, or whatever else you might need to keep track of in your planner.  As you can see, this one I paired with graph paper so that you have your structured planner page on one side and your unstructured space on the other.

Printing Instructions

Printing the personal size printables takes a little bit of set up.  For best results:

  • Make sure you have the paper orientation set to landscape
  • Select Actual Size or make sure your margins are set to 0 (if you don’t they might print too small, and they might be offset if you print double sided)
  • Always print a test page first before printing multiples.   If if doesn’t print right, at least it’s only one page ruined. (trust me – I learned that lesson the hard way . . . many times!)

Bonus Printable

I couldn’t resist whipping this one up to go with the others.  I know it’s not really a daily planner page, but I thought it might be handy for anyone who likes to takes to take notes or keeps extra paper in their planners.

Graph paper printable designed to fit into personal size planners.

I’d love to hear what you think about the personal size daily planner pages.  Do you think they’re something you will use?  Would you like to see the same layout in half and full-size as well?  Drop me a line in the comments below and let us know.

Daily planner pages are a great addition for any planner. These personal size daily planner pages can be printed out can kept in the back of your planner for those days when you need some extra planning power.

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  1. Thanks for the personal size planner printables! They work great.

    1. ScatteredSquirrel says:

      Oh I’m so happy you like them. I’m working on some more, just trying to figure out colours and fonts for them.

  2. Hello, I found out about your website through a YouTube video on DIY planners, I am so glad I did… Once I found out about your site I must have gone on a downloading frenzy!.. LOL, I appreciate your generous offer into making these planner inserts free, such a rare treat, especially for those who are just getting started and have no idea where to begin.
    I’d like to ask a question on the above printable .. I’m confused as to how to use them.. the numbers on the side make it hard for me to understand fully.. It’s numbered 5-12 and then 1-8, can you pleas explain how those numbers are to be correlated with the days of the week. Again excuse my ignorance but as I stated before I am new to the Planner community, and would like to understand more, Thanks.

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