Half-Size Monthly Planner Printables

Is there a better way to kick off a week than with some planner printables?  Maybe there is, but printables are still pretty fun.  Last week, when I shared the monthly planner printables I had every intention of sharing the half-size ones at the same time, but I ran into a bit of a snag and wasn’t able to have them finished up in time.  

It can be frustrating when we plan something so carefully and then things go wrong and we have to adapt our plans on the fly, but you know what?  In this case, anyway, the destination is still the same.  The half-size monthly planners are ready to go!

Plan your month with these half-size monthly planner printables

I know that for many people, portability in a planner is essential, while for others it’s a matter of personal preference.  No matter what your reason for needing or wanting half-size printables it’s always a joy to create and share them with you all.  

When it comes to designing the half-size printables I try really hard to strike a balance between keeping the components the same and still being able to offer enough writing room so that they are usable.  To achieve that with the monthly planners I ended up needing to make them two pages. I think the end result will work well.

Ready to see them?

The Half-Size Monthly Planner Printables

Since I’ve already explained how to use them in my Monthly Planner Printables post, I won’t get into too much detail.  Feel free to click that link back there to read the other post.  I think they’re pretty self-explanatory though.

Half letter size, monthly planner for January, allows you to set a focus, priotritize your tasks, and set monthly goals. Matches all the Deep Lilac printables in the Understated Rainbow Collection.

To Recap

Each month has its own planner and they include the following sections:

  • Monthly Focus – allows you to make sure you’re leaving time for what you want to get done that month
  • Top Three Things – choose the three things you need to complete that month
  • Special Dates – so you have them all in one place
  • Home Keeping Tasks – for those monthly or seasonal tasks
  • Notes – for, well, notes
  • Goals – there is room to set three goals each month and jot down the steps you need to take to complete them.

Just like with the full-size ones, I opted to provide you with each individual month. That way you can print a couple to test to see if they work for you.  As always to snag a copy of the printables for yourself all you have to do is click the picture of the one, or ones, that you want.

Half letter size, monthly planner for December, allows you to set a focus, priotritize your tasks, and set monthly goals. Matches all the Raspberry printables in the Understated Rainbow Collection.

I didn’t forget about those who would prefer having all the monthly bundled together in one file.  If that’s the one you would like, just click the pic below!

Half-Size monthly planner printables are a great way to stay on track all month long.

We’re coming up to the end of the From Scattered to Sane series.  It’s taken a little longer than I thought it would get all the posts out to you.  October was a strange and busy month for us, personally. I’m doing my best to follow my own advice and focus on my daily three, my weekly three, and leaving room in my schedule for unstructured time.  

Before You Go

How have you been doing with this series?

I’d love to hear from you!  What do you think of the half-size monthly planner printables?  Are they going to be a useful tool for you?

These half-size monthly planner printables are a great way to focus how you're going to spend your time each month

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  1. Hello! I once found this lovely printable from you called the List of Lists in the Understated Rainbow collection but now I can’t find it. I’m wondering if you still have it?

    1. ScatteredSquirrel says:

      Hi Dianne, I don’t recall having a printable like that, but I know I have a few printables for lists, including a few master lists printables. Are those what you’re looking for?

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