In Case of Emergency… { Emergency Preparedness Series }

Holy Toledo Batman, it’s MONDAY!  I lost a day somewhere this weekend, I could have sworn it was Sunday when I woke up this morning.  Does that ever happen to you?  Don’t you hate it when it does?!?!  On Friday, in my July Recap post, I mentioned that I had a new series starting, and that I would tell you more about it today.  This year was a bad year in our province for forest fires.  Many people found themselves either under evacuation notices or evacuated from their homes as the fires grew.  It was a good reminder that some thought and planning need to go into being prepared for an emergency.  It’s a topic I think about often, but I haven’t really written about it yet, but Emergency Preparedness is something we should all take some time to plan for.


Emergency Preparedness, ways to get and stay prepared for all life's bumps.


Emergency Preparedness


There’s a saying that gets tossed around quite a lot.


Life Happens!


It is a simple phrase with a large truth.  Life does happen.  For better or worse, it happens and it never stops.  Sometimes it’s a wonderful surprise; sometimes it’s a schedule getting hectic; and sometimes it’s a natural disaster, an illness, an injury, or some other form of those curve balls that life likes to throw at us.   With a little planning, a little set up, and a little investment I believe we can all be better prepared to handle those bumps.


We’ve been very fortunate {knock on wood} not to have had to deal with any major emergencies.  But in the back of my head there are always a few worries circulating about we would do if….


  • What would we do if there was an earthquake?
  • What would we do if there was massive flooding from the river near our home?
  • What would we do if there was a house fire?
  • What would we do if one or both of us were in a major accident?


That list could go on and on and on…. forever really.  So I thought, why not look into some of these ‘what-ifs’ and start creating a plan for what to do.  And I want to bring you all along on the ride with me.


Throughout this series I’ll be taking a look at the different kinds of emergencies life throws at us, and share my thoughts, ideas and plans for how to deal with those. I’ll be putting together What to Do in Case of (fill in the blank) posts, and I’ll show you what steps we’re taking to be better prepared, how I’m organizing the supplies we decide we need, and our emergency binder and all the printables that go with it.


This isn’t really one of those series that makes me super excited, but it is one that I feel will help bring a little peace to those back-of-my-head thoughts that niggle away at me.  Keeping my family safe is really important to me, and I’m pretty sure it’s something that is important to many of you as well.  My hope is that the series allows us all to feel a little more in control and little more prepared to face those ‘what-ifs’


I would love your input on what sort of ‘curve-balls’ you would like to see me cover.  Leave a comment telling me what sort of life emergencies you would like to be prepared for, and what sort of information you wish you had about them.

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