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I hit a small bump in the road with the Home Care section of my HMB.   Mainly because we’re moving, and my next home will have different needs than my old one.  So, all the wonderful things I want to have recorded in the HMB, won’t really apply.  I’ve put that section on hold for the moment, and I decided to switch gears and focus on the Finance section of my book.  I’ve flipped and flopped on including this section in the HMB, or making a whole binder just for Finance Management.  I finally decided to include it as a section in the HMB for now.  Later on, if I feel like it needs to be in a binder all its own, then I can set that up.

There is so much information that could be stored in the finance section.  I’m trying to rein myself in a little on this one, because it would be so easy to over think it, over complicate, over fill it, and end up with repetitive information.  In my effort to keep it simple, I decided to start with just a basic bill tracker.  I have to send out a HUGE, heartfelt thank you to my Mom!  She came up with many of the ideas that I incorporated into the printable below.   Thanks to her insights I think I was able to come up with a simple way to track our monthly bills, in a couple different ways on the same sheet.
Without further adieu… here’s my new Bill Tracker.

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So, here are my thoughts.  The first column, can be used two different ways (or maybe more, but I only thought of two) you could use this column to keep track of the pay-by date for each bill, or you could use it to keep track of the date you normally pay it.  For example, if you always get paid on the same days each month you could track which bills come from which pay cheque.  It’s totally up to you.
The last part of the form is pretty self explanatory.  I tried to make sure that I left enough space in each monthly column for recording the amount of each payment.  You don’t actually have to put in the amount if you don’t want too, but some people like to see how much their spending month to month.  For the most part I think I’ll just add a check mark into each one after they are paid.
Since this is a page I will be using frequently, I’ve opted not to put it in a page protector, so I made sure to leave room at the top for the holes.  I’m not sure how it looks printed out.  I’m away from our printer right now.  If there are any issues with how it prints, please don’t hesitate to let me know!
As always, to get your own copy just click on the link below the picture!
I hope you find this printable useful.  Do you have a system for tracking your bill payments?  Do you keep track of how much you pay each month, or is it enough for you to know that they are paid?
Thanks so much for stopping by.  I wish you all a wonderful rest of the week!

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