Some of my Favorite Reads for April!

Happy Thursday everyone!  Whew, what a week it has been.  We’ve had something happening every day.  Easter, then running around and appointments on Monday, a great visit with family on Tuesday and yesterday was family picnic day at Liam’s school… I just haven’t stopped.

I may not have had time to finish up some of the organizing projects I’m tackling around the home, but I did have time to put together a list of my favorite reads from around blogland for this month.  I narrowed my list down to 9…. that was hard… really hard.  I have over 100 posts saved in my Feedly account that I want to be able to go back and read again, but I thought that might be a little excessive, so nine it is!

1.  The kitchen is the hardest working room in our home, and I’m always on the look out for ideas and tips to help keep it as organized as I can, and my friend Hilda, from over at From Overwhelmed to Organized wrote a whole series full of Kitchen Organizing Tips. This post is the final one in the series, but she’s linked to all the previous posts in it.  If you’re looking for some ideas, this is definitely the link for you.  Her whole blog is full of amazing ideas, practical advice, encouragement and wonderful content, it’s one of my MUST read blogs!

2.  I’m all about green cleaning, so when I saw this post pop up in my feed from Stephanie at Keeper of the Home, I was really intrigued.  The information is pretty compelling, and I’ve already made some tweaks to how I’m using vinegar around the home.  If you make your own cleaners, this post is a great read for making sure you’re getting most out of those cleaners.

3.  I freely admit, those little laundry label icons always baffle me, but Angela from A Typical English Home has it all covered in this handy printable.  I can’t wait to print one out and hang it in our laundry room.  No more confusing what means what, which means, (hopefully) no more shrinking or ruining clothes.

4. Is there one tool to organize almost everything?  This post from I’m an Organizing Junkie has the answer!  There are some great ideas in this post.

5.  Natural disasters and other emergencies can strike with no warning.  Kristin from The O.C.D. Life is starting an Emergency Binder.  While this is just her introductory post, she’s inspired me to start thinking about making one of my own.  What information does one need to keep in case of an emergency?  I can’t wait to see how she puts hers together.

6.  I love finding ways to use all available space, and this post from Ginny from Organizing Homelife includes an easy to follow tutorial for how to make use of the back of those cabinet doors. The possibilities with this are endless!

7.  If you have kids then you know that toys can be a bit of a challenge to keep organized.  Becky from Clean Mama has three simple steps to follow to keep them organized.  This post came at just the right time, I had just finished helping Liam sort through his toys and we’re planning to implement these steps to help keep them all tidy.

8.  Making my own household cleaners has inspired me to look at other areas that I can replace store bought products with my own.  This post from Stephanie from Keeper of the Home convinced me to start with skin care products. I can’t wait to play around with some of these ideas.  If I can whip up my own skin care products in my kitchen as easily as I whip up our household cleaners, than sign me up!

9.  I’m fighting with our entry way trying to figure out the best way to utilize the strange space.  Becky from Organizing Made Fun totally inspired me with her Family Command Center.  I’ve been reading Becky’s blog for a long time now, and it’s been kind of neat to see this space evolve.  Our spaces need to grow and change as our needs grows and change, this is just one example of how little tweaks here and there over time can create a beautiful and functional space.

There is so much inspiration to be found in blog land.  So many wonderful ideas, thoughtful solutions, curated information…. I love it all!

What blogs do you like to read?  Have you been inspired by one recently?

Happy Reading!

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