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A feature on where I share printables that were designed at the request of my readers.

It’s time for another Reader Request!  I didn’t do one of these last month because of the 31 Days series, so I was super excited when someone made a recommendation on the Facebook page this morning.  I totally jumped all over it and could resist whipping it up for today.  Especially since it combines two things I absolutely love; making printables to share and reading!

The Request:  A Reading Log, for 3rd Graders, with space to keep track of date, title, and number of pages.

Without further ado, allow me to introduce the Reading Log.

free printable reading log |

 So, as I said above, it was designed for 3rd graders.  Now, when I think about this, there are a ton of different ways you could use it.  You could use one with your kids to help them keep track of what books they’re reading, and how many pages each day they are reading.  You could use this for yourself if you wanted.  Basically, anyway you want to use it, you could.

And, because I’ve received a couple of inquires about this I thought I would take a moment to clarify my definition of personal use.  As you know, all printables shared on this blog are offered freely to any and all who want them, for personal use only.  If you’re making a gift for someone and want to include some (or all, if you’re a very brave soul) printable found here, that is completely ok.  If you find some printable here that you want to use in your classroom, whether it’s home school or public school, please feel free.  I feel that both of those fall under the personal use category.  If you aren’t sure, or if you want to use the printables for items you want to sell, shoot me an email ( alli {at} scatteredsquirrel {dot} com )  and we can figure it out.

To grab your copy of today’s printable, simply click on the picture and you’ll be taken to the download.

We’re almost half way through the month, but there is still time to get your copy of this month’s printable.  Click either image below to be taken to the form to snag your own copy!

Monthly feature where you can get your free, personalized copy of the printable for that month. |


 I’ll be back on Friday to share an organizing project.

How is your week going?  Any fun plans for this coming weekend?


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