And so it Begins!

Sort. Toss. Pack. Clean. Repeat!  This is going to be my new routine for the next, however long it takes to sell the house and move!  I have to be honest, packing is not my favorite part of the moving process, and it always feels like there is so much left to pack at the last minute, no matter how far ahead I start.  So, I’m jumping in early, and getting as much done NOW as possible.  I’m sure the kids and I can manage with just the minimum for a while, and I’m sure with careful planning, I can make the last minute packing so much easier.

To help the process along, I’ve assembled a packing kit!  This way I have only to grab it, bring it to wherever I’m working, and get to work!  Ok, ok, it’s easier said than done, but I’m hoping if I keep tell myself it’s easy, then eventually I’ll believe it. 
Packing Kit
So, let’s see what I’ve got here:
  • Clipboard:  for holding labels once they’re made, and the packing list
  • Packing List:  because, this time, I’m determined to have a good idea of where everything is
  • Pen: 
  • Permanent Markers:  for the labels and/or writing on the box
  • Packing Tape:
  • News Paper:  for padding
  • Plastic Bags:  I use them to cover dishes and breakables before wrapping in newspaper.  Makes it soooo much nice when unpacking!
And they all tuck into the bag, ready and waiting for me to tackle the packing.
Just Grab and Go!  
It’s not a job I’m looking forward too, but at least I’m not fully prepared to tackle it.   Having the packing list might be adding a little more to the job, but when it comes time to unpack, I know I’m going to be glad I have it.  It’s something I mean to do every time we move, and never get around too.  Then we get moved-in and start unpacking, and no matter how carefully the boxes are labeled, we always end up having to open two or three to find one item!  This way, I can just check the list and find the box!  Here’s what I did:
free printable inventory home management binder move
Packing List
And of course, I have two copies for you, because it’s so much fun to share!  
Packing List (holes on left)
Packing List (holes on right)
The packing lists doesn’t just have to be used for moving.  You could use it to keep track of seasonal decorations. Or how about hand-me-downs waiting for your little one to grow into them?  If you have items stored in an offsite storage unit, you could keep track of what you have with the list.  Whatever you use it for, I hope you find it useful!

Anyone have any tips for keeping your sanity while packing?  Any tips on balancing the chaos of packing and the need for order for showing the house?  (I could REALLY use some advice on that front)  Leave me a comment, or send me an email (address is on the right hand side of the blog)  I would LOVE to hear from you!

I hope you all are having a wonderful day!  For now, I’m off to get started on packing what I can in the kitchen, oh joy!  😉  

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