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Yep, that’s right!  We’re moving!!!  We found out yesterday that Travis’s transfer was approved, and now we’re kicking things into overdrive.  To say we are over the moon with delight, is an understatement.  There’s a lot to do, and for the most part, I’ll be tackling much of it on my own, as Travis will be heading down there ahead of us.  He’ll be home for his days off, which is soo nice, but it won’t give us much time to work with.  We’re both hoping to sell the house quickly, so that the kids and I can head down there too!
I have to admit, I’m feeling a little overwhelmed.  I know it will pass, but to-do lists keep running through my head, and I’m making myself feel like I’m behind, before I’ve even started.  My around the house idea, is still going in full force, but it’s changed somewhat.  Instead of just organizing our things, I’m going to be packing as well, as getting the house ready for showing.  The sooner I get that done, the sooner we can list and get the show on the road.  
Since I’m still battling this cold, and the kids are now under the weather again, today I’ve decided to just focus on getting the lists done, and working on the normal, every day house work.  The plan is to walk around the house and make a note of what needs to be done in each room, then I’ll probably go over those lists and make a plan of attack.  And I’ll probably spend some more time working on the Move Management Binder.  So far I’ve got my projects lists, the move-in check list, and change of address sheets for services (like hydro, cable etc..)  Wanna see those?  Well, here they are!!!
free printable moving home management binder
Just like with the project planner, I made two files with the intention that they could be printed back to back to one another, and the side margin allows room for three hole punching!  Here they are:
Change of Address: Services (holes on left side)
Change of Address: Services (holes on right side)
On a side note:  When I checked the links, Google said that they cannot generate a preview, but the files downloaded fine!  
I hope you enjoy!    Are there any other printables you would like?  Leave me a comment and I’ll see what I can do!!
Wish you all a very wonderful day!!!

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