December Printables and BIIIG News

Good morning everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful weekend.  Ours was spent getting ready for the holiday decorating. I’ve been playing Christmas music whenever I can, and just enjoying slowly easing into the holiday spirit.  December is always a weird month for me, I’m busy gearing up for the holidays, and busy winding down the year… kind of a contradiction.  As this year begins to draw to a close, I find myself wanting to be prepared for the upcoming new year, and so, to continue the three month of printables, I’m dedicating December to the Personal Planner.

I don’t think I’ll have quite as many printables to share as I did last month, a day planner only requires so much, but I’m sure there will be enough for at least one or two each week.  By the time the month is ending, we’ll have everything we need to put together a planner for 2013.  I’m so excited to share this with all of you.

December is also the month where I typically wrap up my yearly to-do list.  We’ve pretty much crossed everything off it this year, which is such a joy.  There is one item left though.  One item I’ve been working on for over a month now.  If you follow along on Google+ or Facebook, you might have noticed that the cover photos changed, and if follow on those two or Pinterest or Twitter, you might have noticed the sudden addition of new profile pictures.  (I just have to say, having my own picture taken is painful, I am much more comfortable on the other side of the camera)  You may have been wondering why this little ole blog wasn’t showing any changes…. well, that’s going to be changing in the next week or two.  We’re making the move to WordPress!  Yep, I bit the bullet, and we’re going to be making the BIG move.

This wasn’t an easy decision to make.  I went back and forth on it, a LOT!  As many of you know, I’ve been looking into alternative options for downloading the printables, and I have to say most of what I could find would either cost me, cost you, or required one or both of us to sign up for an account…. yuck!  Travis was the one who came up with the solution, if we self host the blog, we can offer the printables for download straight from the blog.  No need to use Google Docs or other programs, straight from us to you!  Which is great.  It means that if there is a problem, one of us can look into it right away, not send out an email and sit waiting for a reply.    And really, that’s the only reason for the switch.  Blogger has been a joy to work with/on, but for the direction we’re moving in it seems like WordPress is the best fit.  So stay tuned for more updates as this week goes on.  And please, if you follow on GFC, pick another way to follow, knowing that GFC wasn’t available for WordPress was very nearly a deal breaker.

And if printables, moving the blog, and getting ready for the holidays weren’t enough, Liam also has a busy month at school.  Lots of holiday activities, his first Christmas concert, skating (his first time as well) and a few craft days, all requiring Mom or Dad or both to be there.  I love being able to be there for the special days, sharing them with him, watching him interact with his friends and his teacher, gaining insight into what his days are like when he’s away from me, they’re treasures each and every one of them.  Lots of fun and exciting things happening this month.

How about you?  Do you have a busy month ahead?  Are you finishing up any last minute projects that you wanted to do this year?

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