Just in Time, and a Planner Printable

Hello everyone!  We’re only five days into December and already it’s been a busy and productive month in our little home.  The holiday decorations are up, the tree has been trimmed, and I’ll share some pictures later on this week, or early next week.  And I’ve been busy as a bee working on printable for my 2013 Personal Planner.  When I planned on doing the three months of printables, I had some very good reasons for doing the Personal Planner in December.  1.  There are not as many printables for this one as there was for the holiday planner, and as there will be for the Home Management Binder (coming in January) 2. It’s a busy month, and I’m still not sure how often I’ll be able to post as the month goes on, and I’m not sure how much time I’ll get to sit and create printables, and 3.  I wanted to get the printables for the planner done in time for the new year, and make sure I made them available to all you lovely people too.

Little did I know when I planned this, that I would be in desperate need of this first printable.  If you’ve taken a stroll through the archives here, or scrolled through the printables page, you may have noticed that I have three (yes THREE) weekly planner pages already.  (see here and here)  The Family one has been working great.  Love it!  I love it so much I wanted something similar for my planner, sort of like an overview of what my week was looking like.  Something I could use on its own or in combination with a daily planner or a more structured weekly planner.  Something that would let me keep track of where I needed to go, what I needed to do, who I need to see, call or email … and this is what I came up with.

free printable, weekly planner, time management, to do list
Weekly Overview
Not much to explain on this one is there?  It’s just a simple combination of a planner and lists.  On the left I can schedule stuff in for each day, on the right there’s a spot for errands (Places to Go), a place for calls, emails or visits to make (People to See) room for a to do list, (Things to Do) and then a spot for anything that I need to remember either for the current week or the next (Special Reminders).  And boy, let me tell you, this week, I REALLY need the extra reminders.
free printable, weekly planner, checklist, time management
As you can see, I’ve already started to fill it up.  Mostly with house stuff, but that’s my focus for this week.  Spend a little more time on household tasks so that throughout the rest of the month I can relax a little.  Best part of all is down at the bottom there, my Mom and Dad are coming to visit this weekend!  I can’t wait to see them!
And now, I’m off to go get started tackling some of that to do list.  To grab a copy of the printable for yourself, click the caption under the printable’s photo.  You can either print, or click file and download to save a copy to your computer.  As always, the printables shared here on Scattered Squirrel are for personal use only.  Don’t forget that I’m taking requests for the monthly “Reader Request” feature.  If there’s a printable you want but can’t find, let me know and I’ll see what I can do for you!
So what do you think of the first planner printable?  Do you think it will be useful?  Are you super busy in December too?

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