The Season of Giving and some more Free Printables

***This was supposed to be yesterday’s post, however we ran into some unexpected difficulties yesterday.  Please accept my apologies for this coming out late. ***

Hello everyone!  I hope you all had a fabulous weekend.  Things around here were fairly quiet this weekend, it was a fabulous way to end a fairly busy week.  As most of you know I’m working at putting together a Holidays Planner, and I’m inviting you all to come along for the ride.  Along the way I’m going to be sharing ALL the printables I’m creating.

I started the month off with a couple printables to help keep track of greeting cards.  (you can find that post here)  I’m trying to plan the printables with what I need to be prepared for ahead of time.  I mentioned in that post that topping the list of things to come first was greeting cards and gift giving.  I love giving gifts, the whole process.  Choosing just that right thing for the ones you love is so much fun.  To help remember who likes what, and (in some cases more importantly) what size everyone is, I created a printable to help me keep track of what’s what with who.  (did that make any sense to you?)

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Gift Buying Guide

Lots of info, I know, but this allows me to keep my eyes open for items that my friends and family will enjoy.  I’m also hoping it will push me to think more outside the box when I’m doing the shopping.  For those of you are looking for something a little more simple, this next one might just fit that bill.

free printable, holiday planner, holiday managment, home management binder, planner,
Wish Lists

Wishlists are great, but what about the actual gift buying? This year, well, I guess technically it will be next year, I want to start shopping early.  The boys are FINALLY at ages where I can start doing this.  Liam has settled into “big kid” toys, and our Teen has finally gotten out of that strange in between place where he was too old for toys, but still young enough to kind of want them.  Also, I want to keep a close eye on what we’re spending.  I may loving giving gifts, but I don’t always love the price tag that comes along with it.  So, I created a Gift Giving Tracker to help me keep track of who I’ve gotten a gift for, what it is, either where I got it, or where I’ve hidden it, as well as what it cost.  I added in columns for checking off if it’s been wrapped, sent or delivered.  This way, if I am purchasing ahead of time I’ll know where I’m at with each gift.

free printable, holiday planner, holiday managment, home management binder, planner, financial,
Gift Giving Tracker

With these printables I think I’m going to have gift buying and giving in the bag this year.  It’s an absolutely wonderful feeling to start the holiday season feeling like I’ve got a plan.  I don’t feel so out of control.   So, with greeting cards and gift buying taken care of, what’s next?  I’m leaning towards something to help plan and prep for holiday baking, because I know we’re going to be starting soon, but I’m also sort of leaning towards something to help plan home-made gifts….. I’m not sure.  It will probably be one of those two categories.

So, tell me, are you liking the printables so far?  Anything I missed?  Which would you use more, printables for planning holiday baking or for planning home-made gifts?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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