Holiday Planner and 2 Free Printables

Hello everyone!  Happy November!  I really cannot believe how quickly 2012 seems to be coming to a close.  Isn’t that always the way it goes though?  Time moving faster than we anticipated, days rushing by in what seems like a blur?  When I was younger I never gave much thought the the rhythms of my year, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve started to pay a little more attention.  November, foNew Nostalgiar me, is a month to pause.  Here in Canada we’ve already had our Thanksgiving, the only things that happen in November for my family are Remembrance Day and my Mom’s birthday, so it’s a good month to sit back and just enjoy the calm that comes after the busyness of October and to just enjoy the simple things in life before the craziness of the holiday season sets in.

Along with enjoying the simple things in life, November is also the perfect month to work on a project I’ve been wanting to do for years: create a Holidays Planner.  I figure if I start with the biggest holiday season, the other ones will be a breeze.  I tried putting together a Christmas planner a few years ago.  I forget where I found it, but I downloaded all the files, printed them off, put it all together and then never really used it.  I think it was a little too much organizing for me.  However, I really want a go to spot for holiday planning.  I want to know I can pull the planner off the shelf year after year.  As with the HMB, I want our Holidays Planner to be more like a reference book, with a dash of planner thrown in to help us stay ahead of the craziness.
At first I wasn’t sure what to begin with.  There are so many things I want to keep track of, but the truth is, only a few of them need to happen soon: Gift buying and sending out Christmas cards (which I always intend to do, and never end up doing it.  This year I’m going too!!!).  Since I’m bound and determined to send out Christmas cards this year, I decided to start there.  I created two different printables that I’m calling Mailing Lists.  The first one is an address book and check list all in one, and the second one is a check list.  Personally, I’ll be using the one with the address book built in, but I realize that many of you probably don’t need that, so the second one was created with you in mind.

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Mailing List #1
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Mailing List #2
As always to get your copy, click on the captions.  (I tried to make the captions easier to see)  Like all printables here on Scattered Squirrel these are for personaNew Nostalgial use only.  I hope you enjoy them!!!
I really do hope you like these ones.  I can’t wait to start getting them filled out and start getting myself ready for the Christmas season.  Now that I have something to help me stay on track with sending out cards, I’m thinking the next thing to tackle is gift buying.  I have a few ideas for this one, so be sure to check back on Monday to see what I’ve come up with.
Do you send out Christmas cards every year?  How do you keep track of who you’ve sent them too?  Have you, or would you ever, consider sending your own e-card?  Any requests for other printables you’d like to have for your Holiday Planner?

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