An Early Christmas Present

Hi there everyone, Happy Halloween! There’s a ton of stuff happening around here today.  I’m putting the finishing touches on our Halloween decorations, working on the printables for next month, and spending some time planning office organization.  A few weeks ago I shared pictures of my home office space (I still feel giddy just thinking those words)  and then I shared some of my ideas and inspiration boards in this post.  I had a lot of fun putting those inspiration boards together, and I’ve noticed that they’re really helping to keep me focused on my goals for the space.

Until it’s done, or at the very least, until I get a desk put in there, I’m content to set up at the kitchen table during the day, and take it all down before dinner.  It’s not the best solution, but it’s kind of working for now.  I’m still having fun tweaking things in my work area though, and to that end, I’ve made a few minor changes, starting with this!

I did say minor changes.  Travis helped me move the buffet over to the other wall.  I know, not all that exciting, but you see, this past Saturday, Travis and I popped into our local Staples while we were out and about running other errands.  Him and Dad were in there when my parents were visiting and they noticed that our Staples had a great selection of desks, and some of them were very nicely priced.  Travis just wanted to get an idea of what direction I was thinking of going with my workspace, so we had some fun browsing, discussing features we liked and didn’t like.  That little trip gave me a lot to think about when it comes to my desk.  Part of me still wants to hold out until Spring when the garage sales and flea markets start back up again.  Part of me wants to wait until I take the plunge and we head off to Ikea (can you believe I haven’t gone yet?) Mostly I don’t want to rush into making a decision that isn’t going to be something I’m happy with.

After looking at the desks I wandered through some of the other aisles and Travis found me looking at my newest addition to my office!

I should probably explain huh?  You see, after looking at all the desks, and not really seeing anything that screamed “Take me Home” I went off to browse organizers and storage boxes.  As I was turning around the end of an aisle I spotted the folding tables, and wandered over to take a look.  I’ve been saying for some time now that I would love to get a folding table or two for barbecues, kid’s parties, crafting, Christmas baking, my list could go on.  I really  like that they add an extra work surface, but when you’re done you can store them away.  As I was looking at the folding tables I had the thought that one of them would be the perfect stop gap while I’m figuring out my desk.  It would give me a surface to work on for the now, and down the road, when I’m ready to commit to a proper desk, or find a desk I absolutely love, I won’t feel so guilty because the investment in the table isn’t that much ( $35 for a 4′ x 2′) and I already have alternate uses planned for it

I had just had that thought when Travis found me.  I shared my thoughts with him and he totally got where I was coming from, and to my astonishment picked up the table right then and there.  Despite my protests that I didn’t mean that we should pick it up that day, he got the table anyway.  You see, while I’ve been content to set up on the dining room table, Travis hasn’t been content watching me do it.  He found it painful to watch me pack everything up at the end of the day only to have to bring everything out again the next morning, knowing that I’d be spending at least a good half hour getting everything put back so I could get back into the flow of the day before.  It’s been really bothering him that I didn’t have a work space to call my own.  His reasoning warmed my heart.  I know, that after all these years I shouldn’t be surprised by these little surprises and thoughtful gestures, but every single time he does something like this, my heart melts and I am reminded all over again what an incredibly lucky woman I am to be married to such a thoughtful  loving, generous man.  It really is the little things, the thoughts and intentions behind the gestures, that mean so much.  I have the Best. Husband  Ever!

So now I get to play around with the office set up, figure out the best way to use what I’ve got.  And I’m totally loving being able to walk away from a project and not have to pack everything up. Not only did my fabulous husband give me the gift of a surface to work on, he fed my addiction for new things to organize.  I can’t wait to start putting in some new systems, and playing around with things.  For now though, I’m going to head outside and get working on the Halloween stuff.

One more peek at my “desk”

making things work, office, desk alternative

Don’t forget to drop me a line and let me know if there are any printables you’re wanting to see in the Holiday Planner, Personal Planner, or for the Home Management Binder!

What gestures warm you heart?  Do you ever find yourself feeling incredibly grateful for the simple things?  Ever made the choice to go with a temporary set up while waiting for the real thing?

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