Fresh Dose of Reality, and a Couple Free Printables

The reality of this move thing, is finally setting in.  No, actually setting in isn’t right, it was a swift hit to gut!  You see, we’ve been looking into this for a while.  Putting out feelers for employment, and researching housing and all that wonderful stuff.  Haven’t really gotten much for our efforts, so it’s sort of been an exercise in somedays for me.  Someday the effort will pay off; someday I’ll have to start packing; someday we’ll have to sell the house; some day we’ll move, you get the point.  Well, all those somedays and possibilities solidified into a great big “today” for me.  Travis got a job offer, out of the blue … I wasn’t prepared for that.  My brain wasn’t prepared for that.  All of a sudden my heart started racing with excitement and stress.  In my head, to do lists were running through so fast I couldn’t keep up.  In a matter of moments I had myself convinced that I’m behind (my big fear, as I feel like I’m always behind).  In my head, the house was boxed up and packed, the truck was booked, and ready to be loaded, and all that wonderful stuff.  I was smothering myself in unneeded stress, and all due to an offer.  We hadn’t even discussed it further, he called and told me about it, and we agreed to talk about it later on in more detail, hash out the highs and lows and all that wonderful stuff.  So, really, the “someday” hadn’t changed at all.  But this did make me realize that someday could quite possibly become “someday really soon”  and I need to be better prepared.

Here enters what I’m going to refer to as my “Move Management Binder”.  It’s where I’m going to keep a list of all things move related.

Project List in the MMB

The sections include:


Project List:  This is where I’m going to keep a list of the projects I know need to be done, whether it’s for moving, or getting the house ready for sale, this is the spot for it.


Packing List/Home Inventory:  This time around I want a master list of what is where, so nothing gets misplaced.  At the same time, since I’m boxing everything up as is, I’m making up the home inventory as well. Once the move is completed I will transfer the Inventory in our Home/Family Management Binder.


Change of Address: Here I’ll keep a list of all our billing companies, financial institutions, and other places to call to inform about the move.  This is also where I’ll keep track of what we need to have disconnected from this place and transferred to the new one.


Rentals:  Since we’ll most like rent to start with, this is where I’ll keep the info on places to check out.


Moving Expenses:  Here is where I’ll keep all our receipts for the move, as well as info on the moving truck and so forth.


Essentials:  This last one is more for my peace of mind than anything else.  It’s the list of things we need to have loaded in the car, or loaded last onto the truck.  The stuff we’ll need right away.  That was I don’t accidentally pack it away.


And there you have it.  I’m reusing a binder I already had on hand.  It’s a zippered one with a couple of pockets for files, a built in calculator, etc… I think it will be perfect for this job.  For right now, I’ve just started the project section. (as you can see in the above pic) This seemed to be the most important for right now.  I hopped onto the computer and whipped up a sheet I could print off and use to keep track of what needs to be done.  It’s pretty basic, a spot to list the project, area, room, or items that need to be worked on, a space for recording my ideas on what needs to be done, and a space for the supplies I will need.  That part is kind of key for me.  When I go to do a project I find I’m able to get through it much more quickly if I have everything I need, and listing that out ahead of time really helps.  I don’t have to think too much about it, just jump in and get to work.  Here’s what I came up with:

I made two different files.  The only difference is the extra white space on the right or left hand side (depending on the one you choose)  I made two so I could print them double sided (and save on paper crap lol)  hole punch them and tuck them into the binder.  And I thought I would share them with anyone who wanted them.  🙂  I only ask, that you please, only use them for personal use, they’re not for resale or anything like that.  That’s it!  Here’s where you can go get them:


Holes on the Left side:


Holes on the Right side:


On a side note:  I don’t know why, but when I view them in Google docs, the small borders don’t show up, but if I click print they do!  I don’t know if that will be the same for everyone, but I did want to mention that they don’t show up for me, until I click print, they are there though.


Let me know what you think!


I wish you all a wonderful day!  For now I’m off to finish up that Paper Crap project, and I’ll see you later on when I post the after pics!

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