Playing Catch-Up – Cause Sometimes Life Happens

Hi everyone!  Happy Wednesday!  I’m just popping in today with a little real life update for you.  I’m feeling a little lost in my own home right now. I changed a lot of things up, and made messes EVERYWHERE. I decided I couldn’t take dealing with cleaning it up bit by bit anymore, so I’m taking today and tomorrow to tame the chaos and hopefully help my poor scattered brain focus.  Even as I sit here typing, my mind is busy going over everything that needs to be done, and doing a brain dump and making lists just isn’t helping today.  So, I thought I’d just come here and chat with you for a bit.  Feel free to skip this ramble of a post, I won’t be offended.  🙂

So many little things have been happening in the past 3 weeks, that I’m not sure where to start, so I’m just going to start at the beginning, and see where that takes us.  The chaos began on April 14th when my husband sent me a text message from work.  Because he’s always on the road, I don’t normally receive text messages, unless he’s stuck waiting to be unloaded, or the highway is closed, or he’s at a brake check and decided to say hi.  So this wasn’t a normal occurrence for us.  Neither was the message.  All it was was a picture of the passenger side rear end of my car.  Tail-light cover was totally gone, there was a dent and gouges out of the side, and the trunk lid wasn’t aligned right.  The bumper cover was on, but it turns out that it was just resting there, the clips that held it on the bumper were broken.  I had no words.  None! I was flabbergasted.

Because I’m still a little on the angry side at the whole situation and could probably write a post about it all on its own, I’m just going to try to sum this story up quickly

  • Travis was at work when the car got hit.  The car was parked in the company parking lot
  • another driver at his work hit the car – with one of the company’s SEMI’s
  • we were told not to worry about a thing they would pay to fix it
  • we got the estimate (and were very thankful they offered to just fix it because the car would have been a write off it went through insurance even though it was still driveable)
  • waited with no word on what was happening for over a week.
  • then found out that because the truck and driver were from a different division Travis’s boss didn’t have much say in how we proceeded and that other division wanted to go through the insurance company. (many, many, many bad words followed and I will not lie, there were tears too!)
  • I think Travis’s boss was the only one surprised when the insurance adjuster declared the car a write off.
  • Two weeks and two days later we purchased a replacement vehicle.

As if the car situation wasn’t enough, I really made a mess of things two weekends ago.  It all started innocently enough with an urge to spring clean the family room.  I shared my scatter-brain approach to spring cleaning last month, and this was just one of those times when I wanted to get a whole room done. (this was also the weekend just after we found out about the car not being fixed so I think I was also looking for a distraction) Since we had nothing planned, and Liam was busy outside with Daddy riding his bike, I tackled the whole room.  I pulled everything out, with the exception of Quilber’s cage, and cleaned it all top to bottom!  It didn’t take me that long, and I had the organizing itch, so I decided that rather than just bringing the toys back in I was going to organize them for Liam.  I got all the downstairs toys sorted into categories, put into containers and bins and called it a day.

The next day I was in the kitchen admiring the really clean, and still fairly empty family room.  Then I looked the other way and saw this….

Why yes, those are Easter eggs sitting in a basket on my desk.  Oh, and yes my desk is there somewhere!

It made me grumpy just looking at it.  I’ve been fighting with organizing that area so much that it never really got finished.  Somehow, after talking with Travis I decided to move my office upstairs.  I hadn’t actually finished the family room at this point.  All of Liam’s toys were still in the living room, and I had a few other odd things littered across the rest of the house waiting for new homes, but instead of dealing with those, I tackled our bedroom.  I gave it a thorough deep cleaning and moved the furniture around to make room for my office stuff, and then Travis helped me move my office stuff upstairs.  (excuse the fuzzy photo, it’s the only one I took)

As a total bonus, I’ve reclaimed our breakfast nook as a breakfast nook, and I’m thinking I might move some of our craft supplies in here, I’m just not sure how yet.

Since the week following was spent car hunting, I didn’t get around to much of anything else.  We were kept pretty busy with all that lovely stuff.  I did manage to move Liam’s toys into the family room, and get the living room put back to rights, but there’s still a lot of stuff here and there that needs my attention.  We did find a replacement vehicle, on the 30th, which was nice timing because on the 1st, my brother and sister-in-law welcomed my brand new nephew into the world.  As if that wasn’t exciting enough, I discovered the silver lining in the mess of dealing with the car stuff… our new to us vehicle was in great shape for a road trip. 🙂  Travis surprised me with an early Mother’s Day gift, we headed down to my hometown to visit with my parents on Sunday and I got to meet my adorable new little nephew, Liam got to spend a ton of time playing with his cousin (my niece) and we got to visit with my parents and brother (sis-in-law was resting at home, making the most of some alone time).  It was the best weekend ever!

But, due to being gone Sunday and Monday, and prepping for our overnight trip on Saturday, the house projects were still waiting when I got home, so I’ve been slowly working on those while trying to figure out a good time to share some good news of my own with all of you.  I think I’ll save that for next week though, as I know many of you are eagerly waiting for the half-size 2016 calendars.  Those will up for downloading by end of the day Friday! 🙂  And hopefully next week I’ll have made some good progress on setting up my office and I can share all the organizing goodies with you.

I’m sorry I disappeared.  Life decided it was going to happen and sometimes, no matter how hard we try, we cannot juggle it all.  But, knock-on-wood, things seem to be settling down and I can’t wait to get back to sharing lots of stuff with you all.

What’s new in your world?  Anything exciting happening?

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  1. Do Do you have insurance claims like if you’re thinking dammit you have the list it was the price to the model and serial number and all that stuff for a claim the inventory and prices?

    1. ScatteredSquirrel says:

      Hi Latashia, I currently don’t have something like that, but I will for sure add it to my list of printables to make.

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