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October is going to be kitchen month around here, and this bundle of e-books was the perfect reminder that I need to keep the kids in mind while I’m organizing and creating cooking and cleaning routines.

We find that we’re making more and more foods ourselves, and relying less and less on store bought items.  From bread to cookies and snacks, we’re in the kitchen alot more now than ever before, and we’ve got two boys who love to help.  Ok, well one LOVES to help, the other likes to be able to do his own thing.  Both outlooks add up to one thing for us though, family time in the kitchen.  It’s great to have everyone helping make dinner and it means that we get a little more time to hang out together.   It can be a little intimidating when  you first get your kids to start helping.  Thankfully there are some amazing people out there who have written about their experiences, and are willing to share ideas on how you can get your kids into the kitchen.

Get your kids in the kitchen with this great collection of cookbooks for kids. With easy-to-follow recipes, guidelines and schedules for teaching kitchen skills, and encouragement that your investment will pay off, this bundle will help you discover the fun of cooking with kids while teaching them important skills that will serve them for a lifetime.

This week only, get all five of these ebooks for more than 85% off:

Cooking 101 for Kids by Lynn at Lynn’s Kitchen Adventures
Teaching your kids to cook will help them save money as adults and provide a foundation of healthy eating habits. In Cooking 101 for Kids, Lynn covers the basics of measurements, tools, common ingredients, and how to follow a recipe before delving into recipes for breakfast, snacks, appetizers, side dishes, desserts and treats. With practical tips and insight into the “why” of it all, this ebook will help you teach your children to be confident and capable in the kitchen.

Real Food Kids: In the Kitchen from GNOWFGLINS
Discover the philosophy that “everyone eats, everyone cooks” so you can teach joyful, willing, and good workers in the kitchen — for today and the future. GNOWFGLINS’ Real Food Kids: In the Kitchen offers fun and simple lessons and helpful, you-can-start-implementing-today strategies. Kitchen time is easy, fun, and rewarding when everyone pitches in, and this content-packed ebook includes all 19 lessons from the Real Food Kids ecourse, printable worksheets, schedules for teaching various skills, ideas for involving even the youngest children and tons of nutritious recipes!

Cupcakes! 12 Months of Happiness by Liz Latham
Cupcakes! 12 Months of Happiness offers 12 cupcake ideas, one for each month of the year. These are perfect for sharing with friends and family, a great way to spend an afternoon with your kids, and a fun and festive way to celebrate the special days throughout the year. Each one is sure to be enjoyed by kids and adults alike!

Adventures with Kids! In the Kitchen by Charra Shopp
In Adventures with Kids! In the Kitchen, Chara encourages and teaches you when, how and why to bring your kids into the kitchen. You’ll learn the benefits of having your kids in the kitchen, real food kitchen skills such as soaking, sprouting, culturing and more, and the step-by-step process for teaching these skills. Whether you are a gourmet cook or just learning yourself, you’ll find practical ideas and suggestions for how to get your kids cooking, culturing, cleaning and celebrating their time in the kitchen!

Teaching Your Kids to Cook by Laura Coppinger
Teaching Your Kids to Cook is written for parents who want to help their children learn their way around the kitchen. Filled with instructions, tips, activities, printables and over 45 simple, kid friendly recipes, this ebook offers many opportunities to make messes together and get chocolate in your hair. All of the recipes Laura’s included are made from wholesome, easy-to-attain ingredients, making this the perfect introduction to cooking for families with young children.


How do you get your kids into the kitchen?  Or do prefer to have your kitchen a kid free zone?

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