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January has come and gone and a brand new month has started!  You know what that means right?  It’s time for a new printable of the month. If you’re just stopping by, at the beginning of each month I create and share a new printable with you all.  These printables are a little different from the other printables that you can find on this little blog, because along with the printable comes and option/options that I personalize for you.  This is my gift to all of you fabulous people who help make this blog such a fun place to be!

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This month, one of my goals, is to get our boys helping out around the house more.  They’re both great at helping when asked, but it would really help all of us if we had a plan.  Because this has been on my brain quite a bit, I thought I would focus on that for this month’s printable.

Since I’m working on getting the boy’s helping out on a more routine basis, I thought it would be a great time to also help build and strengthen our daily routines. I created a simple chore chart to help us stay on track.  The chart has two sections, one for Daily Responsibilites.  These are things like brush teeth, home work, help with dinner clean up and so on.  I split them into morning and evening to make it easier for the boys, especially Liam, to stay on track.  There are seven little check boxes for each day of the week, that way, when they’re finished what they need to do, they can check it off for that day.

The second section is what I called my job of the day.  (Please let me know in the comment section of the form if you would like this to say jobs – plural)  My hope with this section is that I can show the boys that it doesn’t take much to help keep the house clean.  For Liam, I hope this shows that having set chores doesn’t have to be overwhelming, and with our Teen I hope this will help develop a routine for homecare that will follow him when he eventually leaves home.  (I don’t want to think about that too much though, I’m not ready for him to be all grown up yet)  This section is where I will assign each of them an extra chore outside of their daily responsibilities.  They’ll be jobs like sort laundry, empty bathroom garbage cans, clean bathroom (for our teen) damp mop, vacuum (insert room or level) and so on.

Ready to see them?


I told you they were simple.  You have your choice of two colors, blue and coral, and you can request as many as you need, as you will see in the form below.  If you have any questions please feel free to use the comment section on the form, leave a comment on this post, or send me an email to alli {at} scatteredsquirrel {dot} com

So what do you think?  Do you get your kids to help you around the house?  What sorts of jobs do they have?

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