We’re Hoooome!!

Good morning.  How are you this fine Monday morning?  We are doing great.  We’re enjoying our second morning in our new home, and I couldn’t be happier!  The move itself was full of ups and downs, which I think is to be expected.  I thought I would give you a brief overview of what happened.

We got back to our house in the wee hours of the morning on Thursday, and discovered that the yard was extremely out of control.  Travis and our teen spent most of that day working on the yard, while I spent it packing up the inside stuff.  Friday was busy, busy, busy.  We had most of the loading to do, and still some packing.  Thank goodness I had already packed up most of the house, or it would have taken us a few more days to get it all done.  There were only a few minor disasters.  I ripped open my pinkie finger on a loose staple on the love seat, bashed my hand on the door while moving boxes and dropped my phone in the toilet.  (after I just cleaned it! Thank goodness for that). So, if you were following along the Facebook page or on twitter, that’s why there was sudden radio silence. 

Saturday was spent in the vehicles coming down to our new house.  It was a longer than expected trip, but we finally got our new house around 4:30 am, Sunday.  We crashed hard for a few hours then got started unloading.  One of Travis’s friends came to lend a hand, and words cannot express how thankful I am that he came down here to help.  The boys have their rooms almost set up, the kitchen is half unpacked, and I’m looking forward to taking some time to set things up.

My Mom and Dad are heading down here today, and I really can’t wait to see them and show off our new home.  When things are a little less crazy I’ll do up a post with pics of the new place.  And my oh my, there are going to be oodles of organizing projects that i can share with you.  I cannot wait!

For now, I’m going to finish my coffee before diving into the cleaning and unpacking.   I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!  And I wish you a fantastic week!

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