Back at the House!

Well, we made it back up to the house last night.  It was a long trip, but we’re here!  If you follow along on Twitter (@ScatterSquirrel) or Facebook ( Scattered Squirrel ) then you’re already up to date on what’s going on. 

We came home to a jungle in the yard.  A slightly major hitch in our time line.  We were hoping to spend the morning packing, the afternoon and evening loading and then hit the road tomorrow morning.  Instead it was all hands on deck to help tidy up the yard, and I’ve been working away in the house.  But, we have the truck now, and I’m getting ready to kick it all into high gear to get as much done today as I can.  I’m updating the twitter and Facebook page when I take a break, and when possible I’m throwing some crappy pics from my phone up as well.

Did you catch that part about getting back to the house?  I have a whole other post coming about what’s been happening these past few months.  Now that Moving Day is upon us, I thought I would let you all in on the secret, we haven’t been at home for quite some time.  That’s why updates on house stuff suddenly stopped. It’s part of the reason posts have been so few and far between.  It’s also why I talk about packing and loading as though they are happening on the same day … because they are!  I promise, when I can sit down at the computer and type it all up, I will share all the whys, whats, and hows.  For now, I’m using my phone and it’s not so much fun, and i really should get back to packing.

Have you ever done a quick move?  Any tips, tricks, advice, or what not to dos that you’d like to share?  I’d love to hear them!

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