There is No Such Thing as Perfect!

I touched on this topic earlier this month when I talked about how there is no perfect moment to start, but it is something I feel is important to talk about in a little more detail.  Perfect is such a small word, and it’s a deceitful word.  It sounds all nice and happy, doesn’t it?  We use it to describe something that fits exactly what we were looking for.  

We don’t think much of it when we use it, but in many ways, perfect is not a happy little word.  It is a powerful word that, when left unchecked, can undermine our goals and hold us back.  Most especially when we’re looking at creating new routines, or strengthening old ones, there is no such thing as perfect.

There is no such thing as perfect! All we can do is try our best.

There is No Such Thing as Perfect!

When I first came up with the idea for this series I had these grand and wonderful plans.  I came up with outlines for the posts I was going to write.  I had a list of titles, graphics to make, printables to create.  I could see it all outlined in my head, and I put it all on paper so I wouldn’t forget.  

This is a topic that is so near and dear to my heart and I made the decision to open up a little more to all of you.  To share a little more of my story.  The things that set me on the path to carving out my own, all be it scatter-brained, approach to everyday living.  And because I was going to be pouring so much of myself into this, I wanted it to be wonderful and amazing and well … perfect.  

Plans were made, things were coming together nicely.  I was going to get a jump start on the month and be well prepared for any little bumps that might crop up.  And then, as it is wont to do, life happened!

Life Happens

Life does that.

It happens!

It is beautiful and terrifying.  Messy and clean.  Sometimes it brings us so high we can touch the clouds, and other times it brings us low and reminds us of our need to be grounded.  Life isn’t perfect, and we shouldn’t expect ourselves to be perfect either.

This is especially important to remember when we’re feeling low.  When we feel like our life is scattered all over the place and we just aren’t sure how to bring it back together.  We feel overwhelmed and vulnerable, and it is so easy to allow negative thoughts in.  That word – perfect – is more likely to sneak into our thoughts, and not in a happy way.  If we allow it, it can tear us down.

Perfect implies the expectation that we are without flaws or fault.  We are only human.  We’re supposed to be flawed.  We’re supposed to make mistakes.  We need to be imperfect so that we can learn and grow.  

When life feels out of control we need to think positive thoughts and boost ourselves up in order to reach the other side.  And we do that by ridding our inner dialogue of the word perfect and allowing it no chance to enter again.

We start where we are!

We keep going even when we miss a day.

We allow ourselves the grace to not get everything done each day.  If that’s what we need.

We keep trying.

I still have grand and wonderful plans for this series.  My goals for it have not changed.  

I’m still walking this path right alongside you.  

It doesn’t matter that it’s the 22nd and I’m posting day 15 now.  It matters that I am continuing.  I’m picking up where I left off and moving forward.  It might mean two posts a day for the rest of the month.  It might mean my 31 Days continues into November.  That’s ok.  It doesn’t have to be perfect.

It’s ok if you haven’t been able to get to your three things every day.  It’s ok if you forgot about your weekly three.  Just pick it up and keep going.  It’s ok if my system isn’t working for you.  Take what does and run with it.

I said it on day one – it takes time!  The best thing you can do for yourself on this journey is to give yourself the gift of embracing imperfection.  Be encouraging to yourself.  Cheer yourself on.  Remind yourself that it will take time.

Remember that life happens.  And it’s messy and wonderful and full of challenges and rewards, but it is NOT perfect.  We shouldn’t try to be either.

Building new routines can be a challenge. It's important to remember that there is no such thing as perfect. All we can do is try our best.

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