52 Reads Week 4: The Last Romanov by Dora Levy Mossanen

For 2014 I set myself a goal, read one new to me book every week for the whole year. | ScatteredSquirrel.com

Happy Friday everyone!  I can’t believe it’s been four weeks already, the time is sure flying by.  I am a few books ahead of my goal, which is thrilling. I’m sure there will come a point, later on in the year when I’m thankful I took the time now to read more than just one new to me book a week.  You know how life goes!  Anyway, on to The Last Romanov.


I had a like/dislike relationship with the main character.  At times I found her selfish, ignorant of those outside her little circle, and a little on the arrogant side.  At other times I found her to be selfless, vulnerable, and quite lovely.  This combo was, of course, perfectly suited to a woman who is part of Russian aristocracy and Tyotia (aunt) to the Romanov children.

There are many other characters in this tale, and I think Dora Levy Mossanen did a fabulous job of developing them.  She gives you enough to get to know them, but doesn’t over develop them.  Darya is the star of this story, love her or hate her, and the other characters certainly take on supporting roles, even though they hold their own quite well.


Imperial Russia! Opulent, grand… is there a better back drop to a historical fiction?  The settings were as rich and as wonderful as the time they were describing.  You could not have this tale told anywhere else.


I want to start out by saying that the plot was not what I thought it would be.  It starts out in modern times and then you’re taken back to the last years of Romanov Russia, as told through the experiences of someone who lived it.  Sprinkled in with history is a healthy dose of mysticism, betrayal, love and friendship.  The main character is not just witness to, but a part of the end of an era.  It’s a gentle story, more drama than action, but wonderful all the same.

Final Thoughts:

I enjoyed reading this book.  The story is a gentle building of memories that lead to an ending that was touching, tragic, and unexpected.  While I didn’t find this book as gripping as others, I’m so very glad that I read it.  This is a book that I would read with a cup of tea on a weekend afternoon, (or two or three) the story and the characters are not rushed.  It is a ‘take the time to ponder as you read’ kind of book that deserves quiet moments in our lives while we read it.  I can’t wait to check out more books by Dora Levy Mossanen.

Up next, I’m going for something fun, light and completely fanciful, A Little Night Magic, by Lucy March fits that to a T!

What have you been reading lately?

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