52 Reads in 52 Weeks

Hi my name is Alli, and I’m a book junkie!  Seriously, I can’t seem to help myself and I can never get enough, so it probably comes as no surprise that one of my goals for the year is to read one book every week.  This might be a surprise my family and friends who know me well, since I often blow through a few books each week and it’s not unusual for me to have two or three books on the go at the same time, but I tend to treat my books like other people treat their movies.  I re-read my books all the time, choosing which one I want to read like many people choose which movie to re-watch, based on mood and desire.  I usually manage to read our whole collection each year (and some of them twice in a year).

This habit started many years ago when we lived out of town and our public library’s limit on the number of books you could take out at one time was amazingly low, and borrowing time was amazingly short.  Too many days rushing into town to take back books to avoid late fees and it was just more trouble than it was worth.  Now that we live in town, and our new library is within walking distance I’ve been having fun discovering new authors and reading new books.  I still turn back to my old favorites but I have a whole new wonderful world of reading material at my fingertips (practically).  So I decided that this year I was going to set myself a reading goal, and my 52 Reads in 52 Weeks personal challenge was born.

For 2014 I set myself a goal, read one new to me book every week for the whole year. | ScatteredSquirrel.com

Like all good challenges, this one has a couple of rules … literally!

  1. Read at least one book every week, for one whole year.
  2. It must be a title that is new to me (or you if you want to tag along on this ride)

Because I know I would easily fall back into my old habits without a way to keep myself accountable, I decided to share my challenge here on the blog.  In stead of the odd “Biblio-Files” post here and there, each Friday I’ll be sharing my thoughts and recommendations on the book I read that week.  In the same post I’ll also share what book I’m reading next.  Since this is the first post in this series, I have no reviews or recommendations because I haven’t read the book yet.

Week One’s Book is:

source: kayhooper.com


Hunting Fear is part of a paranormal mystery series, although I’ve heard that each book can be a stand alone as well.  I guess I’m going to find out this week.  For a synopsis of this title and to check out more titles in Ms. Hooper’s collection, you can head here.  

And now, dear friends, I think I’m going to go put on the kettle, and get cozy with this book.  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend.  For anyone who has sent in their request for this month’s printable, the first round will be going out this weekend.

What are you reading?  Do you have any recommendations for my reading list?

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