We Are Experiencing Technical Difficulty

Good morning everyone!  If you follow along on Facebook, you probably already know that yesterday was just not my day when it came to technology.  First, my camera memory card acted all weird.  All the pictures I took of yesterday’s zone were greyed out when I uploaded them onto the computer.  They looked fine when viewed on the camera, but on the computer they were just grey squares.  So, I went spent a good portion of my morning transferring all the older photos (those uploaded fine) onto my computer, then I formatted the memory card and retook the pictures.  And you know what?  It did the same thing!  The really weird part is that when I plugged the memory card into the computer, after formatting it, it was showing all the photos I had already transfered off.  It was strange.  I figured maybe my computer just needed a restart.  Ha ha ha, wa wa wa….

I restarted the computer and lost all video.  Apparently, somehow, and Travis isn’t sure why, I lost the drivers for my video card.  He spent most of the evening backing up my computer, ALL those pictures I had just transferred over, plus all the files I’ve created for the blog since we did the computer switch needed to be backed up incase he needs to do a fresh install of the OS.   I felt so bad that he had to spend so much time fiddling with my computer after working a 12 hour day.  Yesterday was also our anniversary to boot!

Oh, but wait, it gets worse…. Travis’s computer decided to crash too!  I don’t know what technology deity I ticked off, but it seemed like I was not meant to use my compute yesterday.  🙁  Or any computer really.   Oh I suppose I could have used the kids computer, but they don’t have all the programs I need, and there’s is kind of slow in a painful I really just wanted to check my email quickly not spend half an hour doing it, kind of way.

So, I’m posting this via my phone.  It’s not fun, and I apologize for any weird word that pops up that I might miss when I proof read before publishing.  Darn you auto correct.  Hopefully, I might have my computer back up and running tonight.  As soon as I do, you can be sure that I will be getting these two posts out.  Yesterday was/will be our coffee and tea zone and today’s post was/is going to be our food prep zone.  I’m working on it old school style, hand writing the posts, so that when it comes time to get typing all the hard work thinking work is done.

I am so sorry that I wasn’t able to get the posts out on time.  We tried, we really did!  Who knew backing up a few gigs of photos over a slow wi-fi connection would take so long.  ha ha ha Live and learn right?  Though I’m not sure what I should have learned?

I hope each and everyone of you is having a wonderful day.  Until later then my friends!

Anyone else have any technology woes to share?  Have you ever had a day or week where everything seemed to just go wrong in one area of your life?

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