Five Random Things

I’ve seen these “Random Things” posts over and over again, and I always think they’re so much fun.  So, I thought I would give it a try.




1.  Fantasy/Sci-Fi is my probably my favorite genre…. for everything!


2.  I have had the book “Simple Abundance” by Sarah ban Breathnach for over 10 years, and while I have read the book, I have never read it the way it is intended to be read.


3.  I am shy, almost painfully so.  I have a hard time opening up to others, and those who know well me will probably tell you that I’m a quiet one; those who know me BEST will laugh their heads off at that comment!


4.  I would never have met Travis if it weren’t for my Dad introducing us.  Coincidentally, my parents never would have met if it weren’t for my grandma introducing them.  🙂


5. I own less than ten pairs of shoes, actually, if you don’t count the ones I only wear around the house or out in the yard/garden, I only have five pairs! (and 2 of those are flip flops)

So now you know 5 random things about me.  Number five is rather tragic, I know, I think I might be breaking some secret code of womanhood, but that’s ok, I’ve always had a rebellious streak.  (does that make it six now?)

I hope you all are having a wonderful day.

What about you?  How many pairs of shoes do you have?


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