Spring is in the Air!!!

Today is one of those days that gives me hope for an early Spring.  Up here in Northern BC, Spring seems to take FOREVER to get here.  After months of freezing cold temps and foot after foot of snow, by the time March rolls around, I’m ready for Spring.  I’m ready to be outside without having to wear ten layers, throw the ball around with the kids, get out their bikes, and let them have some freedom.  Buuuut …. that doesn’t usually happen.  See, in order to do that we have to get through the thaw, or as I like to call it, the Mud season.  The ground is usually saturated for weeks, as the mountains of snow slowly melt.  In previous years, I’ve gotten so desperate to be able to use our yard, sans snow, that I’ve shoveled it out.  (yeah, a little extreme I know, but seriously, by mid-April I want to see my grass start growing again, not piles of snow and ice all over the place)

This year though, we had a weird winter.  When we went south to spend Christmas with our family, it was colder there than up here.  Usually we have a few feet of snow on the ground by now, and we never really got there this year.  We’ve had a lot days where the temperatures were like this:

This is what our thermometer reads as of 30 minutes ago.
And today isn’t the first day it’s gotten up that high.  We’ve had days like this all winter, where it was warm enough out to open up the windows and allow some fresh air in.  What a treat that was in the middle of winter!
Today though, there is something in the air, a feeling of awakening and renewal.  I looked outside this morning and just felt like Spring was coming.  Just check out this beautiful. blue, spring sky.  Not the watery blue of winter, but the rich blue that says Spring is almost here.
Blue Sky and Sunshine, who could ask for more?
And to top it all off, the grass is starting show through the snow.  Not just in the super sunny spots, not just in the high spots, but here and there all over our yard.  Of course, that also means the drive and lane are slowly turning to mud, and it means that soon I’ll be having to wash Liam’s outer wear at the end of each day, and probably mop the mudroom once a day, but …. Spring is definitely in the air up here!!!  And oh, I cannot wait until the thaw and Mud, are done!!!!
Grass, Trees, and just under the grass you can see the
river of mush that’s already started to form.
Honestly, it’s too nice of a day to be inside (aside from the wind).  I think I’ll save the housework for another day, or at least until later, and get Liam all geared up and head outside.
Am I the only one eager for Spring?  Any one have any tips on handling the Mud season?

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