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Welcome to my new, little corner of Blogland.  I know it’s a little bare right now, but I’m sure that as time goes on, I’ll fill the emptiness with posts, pictures, and maybe even more.  In case you aren’t one of my family or friends, and have found my little blog on the wonderful, world wide web, allow me to introduce myself, I’m Alli; wife to an amazing man, and mom to two incredible boys.  We have a small home (under 1000 sq feet) and I guess you could say it’s my never ending mission to organize our little home, and the things we bring into it.

So, why start a blog?  Well, I have a few reasons there.  First up, I enjoy writing, and when I decided to start this little blog, I couldn’t understand why I hadn’t done this before.  Until I got everything set up, started writing this post, and hit the wall of writer’s block.  It’s hard to not want to make every sentence perfect; to make every thought crystal clear.  But I’m working on it, and I’m excited to get started.  First posts are always the hardest.  And I’m not entirely sure what I should be saying here.

My other reason for starting this little baby, is because we’ve got some big changes coming up, and I wanted to be able to share them with our family and friends.  It shames me to admit this, but I am horrible at sending pictures, and regular email updates (Sorry Mom, I know I always say I’ll email pictures and never do) so I thought here would be a good place to share the little things, the things I don’t always remember to tell everyone about.  With living so far away from our family and friends, this is my way of opening our doors and welcoming unexpected visitors to our home.

Scattered is a really good word to describe me, as anyone who knows me will attest too, however, I am going to try really hard to create and maintain a good rhythm, here on the blog.  At this early point, I don’t know how that will manifest, but I do know that I’ll be posting about organizing our little home, life in general, and how we’re tackling the big changes I mentioned above.  I can also promise that there will be odd ball posts once in a while, that might seem out of sync with the rest.  Knowing myself like I do, I know it’s going happen.  I also promise to try to keep those ones to a minimum.

I’m super excited to be starting this blog, and I can’t wait to share this adventure we call life with you.  I hope you’ll check back every now and then to see how things are coming along!

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