Coastal Dreams To-Do List Planner Printables

One of my favourite parts of designing planner printables is being able to meet different planning needs. For some, a daily or weekly planner is all they need, but for others, they need a little more or something a little different.

The to-do list planner printables that I’m sharing today fall into that other category. They offer a flexible design that can work on its own or in conjunction with another planner layout.

This image is a tall rectangle with a sandy coloured background. At the top in small, dark green text is a the label "Planners and Planning." Under that is a picture of the top right corner of a brown leather planner laying open on a wooden desk. The planner page shows a weekly to-do list planner in pastel colours. Overlapping a little of the bottom of the picture is a tan box with dark grey text that says "To-Do List Planner Printables"

Use the to-do list planner printables on their own or with your typical planner system.

In the past, I’ve offered daily and weekly to-do list printables. They were designed strictly for helping you organize your tasks. The purpose of these layouts is to help you prioritize each task so that you can focus on the things that really matter.

This year I’ve added in a monthly version. So often it’s easy to overlook monthly tasks, this printable offers a solution to that problem.

The Daily, Weekly, and Monthly To-Do List Planner Printables

These work great when used to supplement your normal planning. I frequently use a weekly to-do list to help me plan my week. By seeing everything organized by importance I am able to schedule my week in a way that works best for me.

The three versions are all structured exactly the same. The pages are divided into two columns. The left is for tasks and the right is for reminders, events and errands.

To grab a copy just click on the image of the one or ones you’d like. Each of the files is two pages, to help make printing double-sided easier.

Daily To-Do Lists

These to-do lists are great for organizing your busier days or days when you don’t really need to follow a schedule. I like to use these with my weekly planner, that way I’m not trying to cram everything in on a small space.

This image links to the letter size, Daily To-Do List printable PDF from the Coastal Dreams Collection.
This image links to the half letter size, Daily To-Do List printable PDF from the Coastal Dreams Collection.

Weekly To-DO Lists

Weekly to-do lists are wonderful for pre-planning your week. You can fill out all your tasks ahead of time and then schedule them into your planner. They’re also wonderful for separating your plans by area. Maybe you use your planner most for work, you can use one of these for home stuff or vice versa.

Sometimes I use these for planning my self-care. I may not use all of the sections, but it allows me to plan fitness, time alone, and personal appointments for the week.

This image links to the letter size, Weekly To-Do List printable PDF from the Coastal Dreams Collection.
This image links to the half letter size, Weekly To-Do List printable PDF from the Coastal Dreams Collection.

Monthly To-Do Lists

The monthly version is the newest addition to this set of printables. I think it can be a powerful tool to add to your planning system. It allows you to plan out tasks and appointments for the whole month and you can reference it as you plan out your weeks.

In addition, you could also use this for planning and organizing your monthly goals. You can use the priority sections to rank your goal tasks by importance.

If you’d like some tips for goal setting, check out the How to Set Goals With Your Powersheets: Part 5 post over on Cultivate What Matters. It is full of some great tips even if you aren’t using the Powersheets planner.

This image links to the letter size, Monthly To-Do List printable PDF from the Coastal Dreams Collection.
This image links to the half letter size, Monthly To-Do List printable PDF from the Coastal Dreams Collection.

How to Use These Printables

Working from top to bottom on the left you can set a focus for the week at the top. This is something you really need to get done. Or it could be an area of your home or life that you want to give extra attention to. You might also choose to leave it blank.

Continuing down the left side are three more sections for your task list. They are:

  • I Must Complete – this section is for tasks that absolutely need to be done. Tasks in this section should get tackled first.
  • I Really Should – this section is for those tasks that you know need to get done, but they don’t have the same priority as the ones above. Tasks in this section should get tackled second.
  • If I Have Time – this section is for those small or unimportant tasks that you’d like to get done, but they can wait. Tasks in this section may or may not get done, and that’s ok.

In the right-hand column you’ll start off by noting your top three tasks or priorities for the day, week, or month. Having them written at the top of the page makes it easy to see and reference them.

Following that section you the following spaces:

  • Do Not Forget – this space is great for reminders or notes
  • Calls, Emails, Texts – this section is for organizing important communication you need to make
  • Errands to Run – use this section to record errands and appointments you have
  • Worries for Another Day/Week/Month – this section is for anything that pops up that you know needs to happen in the future. Or use this section to actively choose to put something off until another time. Use this section when planning in the future.

Tell Me What You Think

I’d love to hear your thoughts on these to-do list planner printables. Are they a tool you think you’ll use? Have you used them in the past?

Drop me a line in the comments below and let me know.

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Until Next Time,

Happy Printing!!!

The image starts with a close up photo of the top right corner of a teal and white leather like planner laying on a wooden desk. The planner page shows the top right sections of a monthly to-do list planner. Overlapping the photo and the sand background of the last third of the image, is a tan box with white text that says "Coastal Dreams." In the sand coloured area at the bottom of the image is dark green text that says "Printable To-Do List Planners."

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  1. Lee Ann Davison says:

    You used to have a printable that showed Monthly Focus, Special Dates, Goals for the MOnth then on 2nd colum it was Top Three Things Home Keeping Tasks and a NOTES section. The Month was printed across the top in a colored bar. I really prefer this older style…..Less clutter on the page, less cutesy stuff and it worked well for me. Is this style still available? If so, I can’t find it.

    1. ScatteredSquirrel says:

      They are absolutely still available. If you look at the top menu bar, click From Scattered to Sane, look for day 25, and that’s where you will find them all. If you need the half-size ones, they’re in Day 26. I hope that helps.

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