2016 Monthly Calendar Printables-Full Size Edition

Happy Monday everyone!  I hope your week is off to a good start.  Ours is getting started slowly.  I feel like I have a hundred million things on my to-do list and yet I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be doing.   I think it might be time to take a scattered day and recharge.   In other news, the first batch of 2016 Monthly Calendar printables are ready for those of you who’ve been asking about them.

2016 Monthly Calendar Printables - these printable monthly planners are perfect for anyone looking to get a jump start on next years planner.


I’m pretty sure I say this every time I make a new calendar, but I think these ones might be my favourite!  I played around a lot with how to style them and in the end, I opted to keep it really simple.  Rather than playing with a pattern I opted to let the colours be the stars of the show.  You got a little glimpse into what I was planning in the 2016 Year on a Page Calendarsand now you can see the rest.

2016 Monthly Calendars

Just like the 2014 and 2015 calendars I’ve combined all 12 months into one file to make it easier for you to download them.  Nothing worse than having to download each month on its own.  To grab a copy for yourself, just click the photo with the style you want and either it will open the PDF or a dialog box will pop-up asking where you would like to save.  This all depends on your browser settings.  (please note, in some cases, the file may download when you click the photo.  I have no control over this, it’s a setting in your browser’s settings or properties)

First up, the classic, single page per month layout.  The bones are still the same though for 2016 I opted to keep it just a basic grid.  Nothing fancy.  As you can see in the picture below, the colours really are center stage this year.   I use these single page ones for when I’m planning organizing, cleaning or home improvement projects.  I just print out the month or months that I need and I can plan out how I want things to progress and then compare it to my actual planner and see if my expectations are realistic or if I have to shuffle things around.

2016 Monthly Calendar - This full size monthly calendar is features a classic layout with one month per page.

Next up we have the 2 page per month layout.  This one is the one that will be going into my planner later on this year.  I love the extra room to write things down, and I really like the notes section on the right-hand side.  Again, I kept the layout the same.

2016 Monthly Calendar- This full size monthly calender features one spread out over two pages for more writing room.

I have to say I’m really liking the simple look to these.  Don’t get me wrong, I love pattern and colour, but there is something really nice about clean and simple too.  Before I dash away, I did want to offer up a couple of printing tips.

  • If your printer has margins set, the band across the top will not go completely from side to side.  You can check for margins in your printer settings.
  • To print the single sheets back to back, (if you don’t have a duplexer) print out only the odd pages.  Then flip the stack over, however, it works for your printer) and print all the even numbers.  If you’ve never tried double-sided printing before, try it out by printing only page 1 and then only page 2 on the opposite side.
  • To print the 2 page per months ones double-sided so that it looks like the pic above when it’s in your planner, do the same thing as stated above, but before you flip the stack, remove the first page for January.  Then put the stack in and print.  This means that page 1 and page 24 (the second half of December) will only be printed on one side.

As always, I do so hope you enjoy the printables.   If you have any questions please let me know in the comments or drop me a line via email.  Until next time, I wish you all a wonderful week!

Are you already looking at planning part of 2016?  I’d love to hear what you’re planning for!

They're here! The 2016 monthly calendars are ready for you to start downloading. These Full-Size monthly planner printables are perfect for teachers, students, homeschooler, or anyone looking to get a jump start on next year's planner.

A Few of my Favourite Planner Supplies

~This portion of the post contains some affiliate links, which means I earn a commission if you choose to make a purchase through one of those links.  For more information please see my disclosure policy.  As always opinions are 100% my own and I only ever share products we use, love and/or plan to try out ourselves.~

Often times I receive emails and comments asking about the supplies I use to create my planners, and I’m happy to share them here with all of you. As you may have guessed from previous posts,  I’m a huge fan of the disc bound options like the

Where to Put Your Planner (AKA Binding Options)

As you may have guessed from previous posts,  I’m a huge fan of the disc bound options like the Arc Notebooks, for binding my planners together.  They give me all the flexibilty of a binder combined with all I love about coil bindings.  You can easily use a binder too or, take your printed pages to be bound at a print and copy shop.  I personally like the freedom to switch things up a bit.

Don’t Under Estimate the Importance of Paper

When it comes to printing my planners I prefer to use a heavier weight paper.  While the really cheap copy paper will work just fine, I like the extra durability and smoothness I get in a heavier paper.  Also, I like not seeing the ghost image of the stuff on the other side.  Currently my favourite choice for paper is this Hammermill 28lb Laser Print paper.  It’s not as heavy as I would like, but it’s as high as I’m willing to go on price at the moment.  I print all my planner pages on our old black and white laser printer while I save up for a replacement for my colour printer.

My Favourite Writing Tools

When it comes to using my planner, two of my go-to tools are my Pentel Energel Gel Pens and Sharpie Retractable Highlighters.  A good writing instrument makes all the difference, and those Pentel pens are amazing.  They write very smoothly, the gel ink dries fairly quickly, there is very little bleed through, and the colours are nice and vibrant.  I like to colour code some of my planner entries, but I’ve found that I don’t always like taking the time to use different pens when I’m writing stuff down.  That’s where the highlighters come in.  I can do all my planning in any colour ink I want and use highlighters to colour code the tasks when I’m done.  The retracable highlighter are quick and easy to use when I need them.

These are just a few of my favourite planner supplies.  One of these days I’ll put together a post that covers everything I use to make and use my planners.  In the mean time though, feel free to ask questions in the comments.

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  1. Thank you very much indeed!

  2. Amanda Stone says:

    Thank you. These are adorable.

  3. thanks for this, exactly what I’ve been looking for! plenty of space for my own decoration too. 😁 keep doing what you’re doing!!! really appreciate.

    1. That’s awesome TYT! I’ve just recently discovered how fun decorating planners can be. I’m glad mine allows for enough room to add some pretty stuff.

  4. Pratigya Chopra says:

    I love your calanders <3 the colorsa and designs are awesome simple and sober …. 🙂

  5. Thanks so much for these printables. This is a huge help to me!

  6. Hi Ali, Your full page printable is just what I was looking for. Thanks for all your work to make our life a little easier!!!

  7. Thank yu very much! This templates are absolutelu amazing! Have a nice 2016! 😉

  8. WOW!!!! I love these!!! Possibly the best thing I have EVER downloaded! I’m going to paste them up on some poster board to get a full view of the year. I’ll see if I can post that when I’m done. Then I will print out a second set to use as a planner. I think. I’m a bit scattered myself…. THANK YOU!!!!

  9. Thank You! What a great printable to get myself organized and back on track. I printed out the two pages per month format and they are awesome. I just noticed however that the numbers are off for the Month of March.

  10. This is just what I was looking for, and it looks great too! Thanks for posting this and helping me get organized in 2016.

  11. Thank you for making this calendar. My roommates and I needed one to plan out weekly chores and this one is very nice and clean and simple to understand. 🙂

  12. I am unable to get the numbering right on the months- when I download the month on two pages, almost every month has weird numbering. days showing up in the 70s and 90s, not the normal 1-30ish they should be for the dates. Is there any advice you can give? I love this layout, but the PDF is all wonky for me.

  13. Thank you! Thank you! For all the wonderful free printables! I have spent the past few days getting myself organized as I am also very much a “Scattered Squirrel”…LOL! Everything I needed was right here… Very appreciative! 🙂

  14. Elisabeth says:

    I would love the two page monthly calendar for 2017. Will it be out this Spring?

    1. Hi Elisabeth,

      Yes, the 2017 calendars are almost done. I’m hoping to start sharing them out late next week and through the end of the month!

      1. Hello!

        I was hoping to see if the 2017 full size two page was done yet?
        I love these calendars!! It’s helpful to have something to print, thank you for all of your hard work :).

        1. Hi Cara, It is done! 🙂 Click the blog button on the top menu bar and then scroll down a little and you’ll find the post for the full-size 2017 calendars. The two page per month one is in there.

  15. Hi Alli, I love your stuff! I’m looking for a 2 page calendar, but with the week starting on Monday instead of Sunday. I’m getting my teacher planner ready and I find planning with a Monday-Sunday calendar version is much more rewarding and easier. Do you do one like this?

    1. Hi Angela, right now I only have the Monday start calendars in blank/undated versions. I know it’s not the same as having them already dated, but you can find them on the Monthly Planners page if you’re interested.

  16. Thank you so much! The two page printable is exactly what I needed. I am in a hurry to start my 2017 book, but couldn’t find any others with big enough boxes to fit. Great!

    1. Oh I’m thrilled to hear that Ashley. I’m happy that you found the calendars!

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