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No, I haven’t forgotten that we’re in the middle of a total house reorganize.  I am feeling the effects of going hard at it for days on end, and am taking things a little slower today.  I’ve got three rooms in various states of needing my attention, and I plan to get to them later on today, but for now, I’m turning my focus to how we organize our information.  This way I feel like I’m still doing something productive, but my poor, weary body can have a rest for the morning.

I spent some time this morning going through our Home Management Binder, and I realized that I really need to update it a little.  I can only update it so much before we move, as I won’t know what needs our new home will have, but I can tackle the worst section right now, which is the one I have set aside for the kids.

My “Kids” section has three subsections, one for each child, plus one for party and activity ideas.  Inside each child’s section is where I keep school info.  Liam’s is full of preschool activity ideas and our Teen’s is full of info from his school, a list of his classes and teachers, a list of no-school dates, etc…. Right now, the school information is just written on some lined paper, and it’s a little bit of a mess.  With a school change coming up for our Teen, and with Liam starting Kindergarten in September, I decided it was time to get these sections organized.  So, I whipped up a couple of printables that will allow me to have all the information I need at my finger tips.

I included a section near the bottom for the typical information the school requests for field trips, this way I’m not having to dig out Care Cards (medical cards) and all that other stuff.  For the Elementary School Info Sheet, I included a spot under the teacher name and contact info for any classroom info that would important to have on hand, such as food restrictions, volunteer days, etc…  On the Middle/High School form, I made sure to leave extra space in the class section for semestered and quartered classes.

Grab your own copy below, just click the links under the pics!

free printable home management binder kids

Elementary School Info Sheet
free printable home management binder kids

Middle/High School Info Sheet

I’m also working on another sheet that will be where I can keep track of important school dates, and no school days and what not, but for right now, the school info was more important.  I have to say, I’m already loving having all this info on one sheet, in an easy to find spot.  Of course, now I want to organize even more in this binder of ours!  Maybe that can be my focus once I get to the house to point where I can’t really do anything else until the sale…. Boy I can’t wait for that, and on that note, I probably should get to work on some of the smaller projects.

Please take the time to let me know what you think of the printables!  I would love to hear your thoughts.  Are there any other printables you would like to see?  Let me know, I’ll see what I can do.  Until then, I hope you all are having a FABULOUS day!  Talk to you soon!!

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