Cause You Know I Can’t Resist …

… A good book, or three!  I love to read!  Books, blogs, magazines…. doesn’t matter, I just love to read.  I can’t pick a favorite genre, I seem to like them all, or at least I can find books and authors in them all that I like.  lol  So where is this going?  Well, they say to blog about what you love, and so I’d like to welcome you to the first post of my first feature!  I’m thinking this could be a once a month post, about something I’ve read, or something I want to read, or something else book related.   So, without further ado, welcome to the …


Have you ever read a book that was so thought provoking, or emotional, or engaging that is stayed with you long after you finished reading it?  I just finished a trilogy that was like that.

Now, normally, I don’t read Young Adult Fiction, however I’ve been hearing about these books for a while, and was told that they’re a good read, despite being for youth.  (Just so you know, I’m not going to spoil any part of the books, no in depth look at plot or characters, so never fear that I’ll ruin story for you)  If you haven’t yet read them, I strongly recommend them. Suzanne Collins has done a great job writing for a variety of audiences.  You can read the books, (there are three) and take away nothing more than the story she tells.  Or you can look deeper as you read and find a whole of themes, parallels, and food for thought.  Thought provoking is definitely a good way to describe the story she’s told.  I can this book finding its way into high school English classes, there is sooooo there for an English teacher to pull out.  I’m sincerely hoping our teen will decide to read them, because I would love to hear his thoughts on them, and what he takes away from the story.


I could fill pages and pages with my thoughts and ideas on this trilogy, but instead, I’ll just say this:  They’re an easy read with a lot to ponder, and I strongly recommend them.  And if reading isn’t your thing, Friday is the day that “The Hunger Games” hits theaters.  As with any book to movie transformation, I’m sure that much has been left out, or gotten lost in translation.  As I haven’t seen the movie, I can’t tell you that for sure. I will say that I noticed a couple of deviations from the book in the trailer for the movie, but they were just little things.


And that, I guess, is all I can really tell you without giving anything away.  Has anyone else read the books yet?  Are you eagerly awaiting the movie?  And how about the book to movie trend that seems to be so popular now, any thoughts on that?


I wish you all a fabulous day!!!!

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