Clean a Coffee Thermos With NO Scrubbing!

Happy Friday everyone!  I have finally settled into the unroutine of summer and I’m loving being able to start a new project or task without watching the clock.  I’ve been slowly working through some items that have been on my to-do list for long time now.  One of those projects was cleaning our thermoses.  We’re big coffee drinkers around here, and after a while those thermoses can get pretty stained on the inside.   Cleaning them used to be a dreaded task, but then I saw a tip online and decided to put it to the test. Today I wanted to share how I clean a coffee thermos, without have to scrub…. at all!


How to Clean a Coffee Thermos with out having to do any scrubbing.


As I mentioned above we’re big coffee drinkers here in our home, and when we brew a pot of coffee we prefer to keep the coffee in a thermos.  That way it stays hot without getting that burnt taste that happens when you leave it on the element.  Travis also prefers to take his own coffee with him to work, that way at least he knows he’s going to get a few good cups during his shift.  Our thermoses get a lot of use, and after a while the oils from the coffee can build up inside them creating a stain like effect which can also cause other beverages to pick up the flavor of the coffee.  Even with a daily scrub I was finding it hard to stay ahead of it.  Then I saw a tip (either online or in a magazine) about using a dishwasher tab to clean a thermos, and I had to give it a try.  Check down below for the super easy instructions.


No scrubbing required to make your thermos look like new.


How to Clean a Coffee Thermos with NO Scrubbing!


Start with an empty, stained coffee thermos.  I was cleaning Travis’s work thermos for this demo.


Before: Dirty and stained thermos.


Add a dishwasher tab. Just one.  I’ve used both Finish and Cascade tabs with the same results.


Secret Ingredient: Dishwasher Tab


Boil water in your kettle and carefully pour into thermos until it reaches the top. (or in a pot but please be extra careful pouring it into the thermos)


Add Boiling Water and Walk Away


Let it sit like that for 30 minutes, then carefully pour a little of the yucky water out, and carefully give it a few swishes. (At this point, if you want, you can use a bottle brush to give the inside a scrub.  I don’t do that, but you can.)  Then pour out the rest of the dirty water and rinse, rinse, and rinse some more.

Admire your shiny, looks-like-new, results.


After: All clean!


And that, my friends, is how you clean a coffee thermos with NO scrubbing.  Isn’t it beautiful!   And there was no scrubbing required.  I love that this is one of the cleaning projects that requires very little effort, just remember to do it.  Usually I clean them both at the same time.  While I wait for the dishwasher tab to work its magic I tackle giving the kettle, coffee maker and toaster a cleaning.  By the time I finish those the timer is dinging to let me know the thermoses are ready for their swish and rinse.

How about one more look at those before and afters, because I’m totally in love with the results.


Get rid of those coffee stains and make your thermos look like new without have to scrub!


Do you have any cleaning tips or tricks that make a tough job easier?




Happy Cleaning!

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