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Hi everyone, how are you doing today?  I hope all of you are having a wonderful Monday.  So far, my Monday is going pretty good, and I’m hoping this vibe continues for the rest of the day, cause goodness know I think I’m going to need it.  I am having one of those nervous Mommy moments.  You know, those moments before you have to do something that you worry over?  You see, Liam is going to the dentist today.

Nervous Mommy Moments: Dental Procedures

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Yeah, I know you were expecting something a little more …. big, huge, momentous even.  But this is not a normal trip to see the dentist.  (who Liam absolutely loves) oh no, we’re going in for procedures.  Gulp!  One of Liam’s molars didn’t fully come in, and the part that did come in broke, leaving a fair amount of root left in the gum.  Our dentist doesn’t believe in doing unnecessary procedures, especially on children, but because there is so much root left, and it’s still fairly well embedded in the gum they feel it would be better to remove it now, rather than risk further issues.  🙁   Uggh!  I’m not looking forward to it, and Liam has no clue what is going to be happening.  I feel like I’m blind siding him, but our dentist asked us not to tell him.  They have ways of explaining what’s going to happen so that they seem less scary.  Also, they’ve found that when kids don’t have time to build it up in their head, they handle it so much better. Since she had more experience pulling teeth than I do, I’m following her advice, but man oh man am I a nervous wreck.

Do you ever feel like that just before a big event in your child’s life?  We’ve never had to deal with things like this.  We’ve been fortunate in that area.  Neither of our boys have had surgeries, or major dental work or anything like that, I’m navigating new territory here.  I just wish I could do it for him.  I’ll gladly take the pain for him.  Anyway, all of this was just to say that I’m not posting a normal post today.  Instead I’m going to get the bread started, bake a cake (cake is soft food right?) and do other odd jobs to keep myself busy until it’s time.  I’ll probably be back and forth on Facebook and Google+ so if you want, stop on by and say hello!

Have you had any nervous Mommy moments?  What helped you get through them?


***We are home and Liam did amazingly well.   We go back in in early December to have a space saver put in, so that when his adult molar comes in (in 4-5 years lol) there is room for it.  I have been assured that that will be a quick visit, the just pop it in and away we go!  Now I’m off to go play some snakes and ladders and spend some time snuggling with my little man!***

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