Acknowledge All You Have Accomplished!

We are almost at the end of the series, but before we can officially bring it to a close there is one more thing we need to do. This last step is just a crucial as any other step we’ve taken.

It’s time to sit down and acknowledge all you have accomplished during this challenge.

When you take the time to acknowledge all you have accomplished you put the focus on your wins.

Take time to acknowledge and celebrate all you've accomplished during the From Scattered to Sane series.

This is not an easy journey to walk. I think it’s often easy to overlook just how much time and effort creating a new time management system can be. It’s not something that happens overnight.

It takes hardwork, dedication, a willingness to make mistakes, and then learn from those mistakes and do a bit better the next time. It means getting back up when we fall and pulling ourselves back on track when we get sidetracked.

For the last 30 days you’ve been working on taking back control of your time, bit by bit, and today I want you to celebrate all your wins!

It doesn’t matter how big or small you think your victories are – celebrate them!

Do not compare yourself to others and do NOT compare yourself to where you think you should be. We all get there in our way and our own time. Celebrate where you are. Acknowledge all you’ve accomplished.

I want you to remember that even the tiniest baby-step forward is progress and progress is success! Celebrate it!

Acknowledge All You Have Accomplished

I know it can be hard to see the wins when you feel like you have further to go, but taking the time to acknowledge all you have accomplished so far will help fuel your motivation to keep moving forward.

Today I’m going to walk you through my system for how I acknowledge accomplishments. To help with this I made some printable journal cards to go along with this post.

If you’d like to print them out and fill them in as we go, please feel free to do so.

You don’t have to use the journal cards, but I do recommend you write these down so you can come back to them in the future when you need a little boost of inspiration.

These celebration journal cards were designed for the From Scattered to Sane series. Use them to chronical all you've accomplished throughout the series.

Take a Look at Where You Started

Before we can truly acknowledge our accomplishments we need to remember where we started. Think back to the beginning of this challenge.

Which ares of your life were you wanting to change?

How did you feel at the start of this challenge?

What steps have you taken since then to move forward?

It doesn’t matter if they were tiny baby steps or giant leaps, the point is that you’ve taken them. Write them down. Take the wins.

No – do more than that.

Celebrate them. You’ve earned it.

What Things Worked Really Well for You?

Thinking back on all you’ve done, what parts worked really for you? What pieces of the system resonated with you and allowed you to make the changes you wanted to make?

Maybe it was tackling your daily top three first thing in the morning or spreading them out throughout the day.

Maybe you decided three was too many and just started with one or two.

Was the weekly top three easier for you?

Take a few minutes to reflect and write down all the things that worked well for you.

What Parts of This Challenge Did You Totally Rock?

For this part, I like to think about the parts that came really easy and the things that took the most effort but I stuck with.

When you look back over the last 30 days, what things stand out as immediate wins for you? Maybe you really rocked at getting your top three things done each day. Or maybe, you totally rocked taking time for you or adding in some unstructured time to your weeks.

Whatever it is that makes you happy to think about or gives you a feeling of pride and accomplishment, write that down.

What are You Most Proud of?

I will admit I struggle with this step, but it’s oh so important. It’s that touchstone that you can come back when you feel stuck or uninspired and remember a moment of shining victory.

It’s the piece of the puzzle that says “Yes! I did this!” and you can use it to motivate you to do something else.

It can be something as small as “I started the started the challenge” or “I did at least one of my top three every single day“. Or it can be something really big like feeling like your daily three are now a habit, or asking for help from your family to get over that last bump in your way.

Take your time on this one. Think about the one thing that you’ve done this month that makes you feel the most proud. Write it down and don’t forget to include why you’re proud of it. Remember it and celebrate it.

Your Finishing Point

We started this process of acknowledging all you have accomplished by looking at where you were starting from. Now I want you to take some time to think about your finish point.

I want you to pay close attention to how you’re feeling. Sometimes the biggest progress can’t be seen from the outside because the largest changes happen inside. Are you feeling calmer and more in control? Maybe you feel more hopeful in moving forward.

Don’t underestimate the power of how you feel because our emotions play a crucial role in how we move forward.

Things You’d Change Next Time

If you were to take this challenge again, what things would you do differently?

I know this might seem counterproductive but what better way to celebrate your accomplishments than by taking control of moving forward. Knowing what didn’t work is just as important as knowing what did.

Take some time to write the things you’d change and do differently. What pieces of the system would you remove or tweak to make it work better for you?

I can only share what worked for me, the real magic comes when you take what works for you, change what doesn’t, and create your system.

In Conclusion

Whether you feel like you did well or that there is room for improvement, I hope you make some time today to sit down and acknowledge all you have accomplished.

The journey to reclaiming our lives or at least taking back our time is different for all of us. Some have a clear path forward and others find themselves needing to following side roads and climb a few hills to get there.

The one thing I do know, is that in our time and our way, each of us can find our way to the end.

Make the time to celebrate your wins and successes along the way. Stop and look back every once in a while to remind yourself of how far you’ve come.

Now’s It’s Your Turn

I’d love to hear what accomplishments you’re celebrating. Drop me a line in the comments below and share your favourite accomplishment from this challenge.

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