Dated 2019-2020 Academic Year on a Page Calendars

We are kicking off Calendar Month with the dated 2019-2020 Academic Year on a Page Calendars.

Boy that’s a mouthful!

This one of my favourite times of the year! Not only do I love being able to provide printable that help fit your needs, but I also really like sharing new designs with you. Truthfully, this year I’m also a little nervous. I stepped a little bit outside of my comfort zone with the colours, and I’m really hoping you like them as much as I do.

Check out the dated 2019-2020 academic year on a page calendars below.

The 2019-2020 Dated Academic Calendar - Year on a Page is a great starting point for your planner for next school year.
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This year I’ve been referring to April as Calendar Month. All month long I’m going to be sharing the new calendars for the 2019-2020 Academic Year, as well as all the 2020 calendars.

It’s going to be a super fun month and I cannot wait to get started!

Who’s ready to check out the dated 2019-2020 academic year on a page calendars?

Kicking it Off with the Dated Academic Calendars

Last year was the first year I offered the academic calendars and they were such a hit that I had to bring them back this year.

I took all feedback I received last year and made a few changes that I hope make this year’s version even more useful.

This year all the academic calendar will start with July 2019 and they’ll end with June 2020. My hope is that this format will fit the different school year start and end times a little better.

Just like last year, the 2019-2020 Academic Calendars will match the 2020 Calendars, so if you’d like to add in a few more months, you can easily do that once those ones goes live on the blog later this month.

The Dated 2019-2020 Academic Year on a Page Calendars

This year I stepped out of my comfort zone and opted for a soothing, more muted, colour scheme. I wanted to create something that was still pretty, but that would also allow what you write on it to stand out. The end result is what I’m calling the Coastal Dreams collection.

If you follow us on Facebook or are on the newsletter list, then you’ve already had a sneak peek at what the design is for these ones. I put out a survey asking for help choosing between two different decorative elements.

The results were really close. 51% voted in favour of a full decorative banner across the top. So that’s the one I went with. After receiving some great feedback and suggestions, I tweaked it a little from that original sneak peek, and I really hope you like the end result!

Sunday Start

Let’s start this off with the Sunday start. As always you have your choice of full or half-size versions.

On the half-size version, because of how I chose to split the academic year up, all the 2019 months are on page and the 2020 months on the other.

This free printable 2019-2020 Dated Academic Calendar, Year on a Page, is full-size with the calendar blocks starting on Sunday.

Printing Tip: I always leave a 1/2″ margin on all outside edges of my printables. To get the truest print fit, check your printer settings to see if you can adjust the print margins. I like to turn my printer margins to ‘0’ when I’m printing planner printables.

This free printable 2019-2020 Dated Academic Calendar, Year on a Page, is half-size with the calendar blocks starting on Sunday.

Monday Start

Just like this is only my second year offering academic calendar, it’s also the second year I’m offering a Monday start option. I know that there are a lot of people out there who really like this layout so I’m very happy to be offering it for a second year.

This set is just like the Sunday start except all the months start on Monday instead of Sunday.

This free printable 2019-2020 Dated Academic Calendar, Year on a Page, is full-size with the calendar blocks starting on Monday.

Printing Tip: For the best printing results always make sure your printer is set to print ‘Actual Size‘. That way you’re sure to get the right margins for punching and binding your printables.

This free printable 2019-2020 Dated Academic Calendar, Year on a Page, is half-size with the calendar blocks starting on Monday.

Ways You Can Use Your Year on a Page Calendar

One of the things I love most about a year on a page calendar is how versatile it is. There are so many different ways you can use it.

The most common way to use it as a reference for forward (or future) planning. Just being able to look ahead and see what day a birthday falls on, or what day of the week a certain date falls on, can be really helpful when trying to plan for future events.

One of my favourite ways to use mine is to create special date categories and a colour code. I use different colour highlighters to mark off dates I need to remember.

Some categories you might want to use could be:

  • birthdays
  • anniversaries
  • no school days and school holidays
  • vacation days
  • pay days
  • medical appointments
  • days off

In addition to marking off special dates, I know many people use their year on a page calendars for a lot of other things as well, such as:

  • habit tracker – they print a few at a time and write the name of the habit at the top and cross off each day they do it.
  • fertility tracking
  • menstrual cycle tracking
  • medical tracking, like for migraines or allergies
  • project planning
  • goal tracking
  • count downs to fun things
  • cut out the months and put them in your bullet journal

There really are a ton of ways that you can use a year on a page calendar. More important, there is no wrong way to use them.

That’s it for the first round of the calendar printables. Check back next week when I’ll be sharing the rest of the dated academic calendars. Until then, I’d love to hear your thoughts and feedback about the new calendar colour scheme and fonts. Drop me a line in the comments and let me know what you think!

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  1. I like the final border and color scheme that you created. It’s pretty and simple enough that it adds some decoration but doesn’t detract from the calendar itself. Thank you!

    1. ScatteredSquirrel says:

      Thanks so much Kim. That is exactly what I was going for – simple and fun without being too distracting.

  2. Woohoo! My daughter is heading off to college in August and can’t wait to set up her planner. Thanks for your work, Alli!

    1. ScatteredSquirrel says:

      Oh how exciting! The monthly calendars for the academic year will be coming out next week.

    1. ScatteredSquirrel says:

      I’m happy you like them. I hope you enjoy using them.

  3. I’m trying to download the PDF’s to print, and I see where it says to click the links below the pictures, but there are no links. Please help?

    1. Nevermind, you can disregard. 🙂

    2. ScatteredSquirrel says:

      Hi Kaite, that was totally my mistake I added the wrong instructions. You can just click the images to download the PDFs. Thanks for letting me know so I can go fix that now. I’m so sorry for the confusion.

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