Going Green in 2014

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At the beginning of every year, people all over the world are making resolutions or goals to make changes in their lives.  One of the hot topics amoung my friends lately seems to be ‘going green’. Whether it’s purchasing eco-friendly products, or learning to eat seasonally for their area, more and more of my friend are jumping onto that green bandwagon.  In my own life we’re making small changes every day to live a little more green.  We buy local whenever we can and we’re learning where the best farms and butchers are in our area.  I make most of our cleaning supplies from chemical free ingredients, and we reduce, reuse and recycle whatever we can.  This year I’m hoping to add to our ‘green’ living a little more, and this week’s bundle of e-books is the perfect place to look for some inspiration.


Going green can be overwhelming — researching various topics, deciding where to start, figuring out how to actually make the changes — but this bundle was designed to offer you practical resources no matter where you are on your journey. Discover the secrets to making your own cleaning supplies and personal care products (and save money in the process!). Learn to live seasonally. Explore home remedies and the role that detoxing, diet and other physical activities play in your family’s health.

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Common Sense Health by Laurie Neverman
In Common Sense Health, Laurie walks you through a simple, common-sense approach to taking better care of yourself and your family. Offering a “back to basics” toolbox to help you improve your health, she shows you how to start today without a big investment or complicated format. Walk through these three stages and gain control of your health:

  • Detox: Things you can do to remove toxins from your life. It’s tough to heal when your body is full of garbage.
  • Diet: Healthy eating choices, focusing on nutrient dense food. You are what you eat – make it count!
  • Physical Activities: Go beyond exercise to activities that have been used by holistic practitioners, such as oil pulling and barefoot therapy.

Simple & Natural Green Cleaning Guide by Stacy Karen
The Simple & Natural Green Cleaning Guide offers practical information to get you started on your green cleaning journey. Stacy shares recipes for natural all-purpose cleaners as well as quick and easy cleaning solutions for the most common cleaning tasks, from bathrooms and kitchens to cutting boards and natural air-fresheners. With this ebook, you’ll be able to get started making your own cleaners today!

Mother’s Little Herbal Helper and Home Remedies by Natalie Vickery
Whether you’re just starting out with herbs or merely interested in learning about tried and true herbal and natural remedies for your family, Mother’s Little Herbal Helper and Home Remedies is the book for you. This book includes over 50 home remedies as well as information on prevention, nutrition, plant medicines, making herbal preparations and much more. This is an ebook you’ll reference again and again!

The Homespun Seasonal Living Workbook by Kathie Lapcevic
Living a seasonal lifestyle has been part of the human experience since the beginning of time; however, our modern lives have disconnected many of us from the natural rhythms of earth’s seasons. In the Homespun Seasonal Living Workbook, you’ll find 12 weekly lessons to help you make seasonal living a priority. The lessons can be used and repeated in each and every season to help you achieve your goals and live a seasonal life in your home and with your local community. This workbook is perfect for the novice and experienced alike.

My Buttered Life {Personal Care} by Renee Harris
Discover simple, effective personal care products for the whole family from the experts at MadeOn Hard Lotion. With recipes for facial cream, deodorant, solid perfume, hair butter (plus bonus beard conditioner), and black toothpaste, this is the perfect collection to get you started. In addition to the recipes themselves, you’ll find instructional videos, a guide to customizing your scents with essential oils, tips on buying ingredients as well as a cost analysis and troubleshooting tips!

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Are you going green this year?  If so, where are you starting?  Been green for a while?  Any tips on what to focus on first?

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