It happens every day!  All around the world, on every play ground, in each hall, at EVERY school, someone is being bullied.  Some child is feeling threatened, frightened, and very lonely.  And it breaks my heart.  What  it is even more terrifyingly heartbreaking is that bullying is coming into our homes now.  It comes in through our computers and social media sites; in the form of text messages and You Tube videos.  Cyber bullying never ceases, it never stops.  It’s a virus of the worst kind.  It doesn’t get enough attention, not nearly enough, until something like this pops up.

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It’s not what I usually blog about.  But you know what, I’m a Mom!  And even if I wasn’t a Mom, I would still post this.  In Canada, it’s National Anti-Bullying month and the more voices that raise up in protest; the more people who bring attention to this issue, the better we all are.  My heart breaks for the suffering this girl went through, it aches to know that her peers could do this to her.  My thoughts and prayers are with her family and friends.  My thoughts and prayers also go out to every child who is being bullied; there is no reason, there is no excuse, and I am so sorry that there isn’t someone there to protect you, I hope and pray you find the strength to ask for help!


I’m going to end this post with a plea   A plea to parents, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends… if there is a child in your life that you care about, don’t turn a blind eye to this problem.  Every day, children like Amanda are lost.  They have no shelter from their storm, and they don’t know how to ask for it. They are made to feel ashamed of themselves, and when you feel shame it’s hard to feel worthy of help.  Let those in your life know how special, loved, and important they are.  Ask questions!  Heck, ask the hard questions!  Open up a dialogue with them, and keep it open.  Keep talking, even if it feels like they’re not listening.  Don’t just look for warning signs of being bullied, look for warning signs of being bullies!  If you think your child is bullying someone else, find out!  Ask questions, again ask the HARD questions.  And for goodness sake, no, for the sake of innocent children all over the world, don’t turn a blind eye to it.  Ask for help!  Hold bullies accountable, don’t help them get away with continuing to do it.


No child should suffer!  No child should feel unsafe!  No child should feel unlovable!


Get informed and their shelter from the storm!


Thanks for reading!

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