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Since my computer was unavailable for a couple of days, the planned Holiday Planner printables will be out tomorrow.  And I know some of you have been having problems with how the printables are printing, I’m working on getting this fixed as fast as I can.  A printable that won’t print is rather troublesome don’t you think?  In the mean time, I thought I would share with you another project I worked on while my computer was been spiffed up.

While my computer was down I thought I’d tackle some of the organizing projects around our home that seem to always get put near the bottom of my list.  As you already know, I had some fun in my office (you can read about it here) and that was a little bit bigger of a project than I had thought it would be.  So, when picking out my next project I went for something a little smaller, a little less time consuming.  I ended up in our master bathroom.  There wasn’t a major overhaul needed, just a little tweaking here and there to help organize it a little more.

Here is what I started with.

Not too bad, (though my hair styling products are mysteriously missing from this photo) it was still a little on the cluttered side.  Inside the vanity there is a ton of space waiting to be utilized.
See what I mean?  Plenty of usable storage space, just waiting to be utilized properly.  Under the sink side there is even more.
About the only part of our bathroom vanity that didn’t need a little attention was my drawer.

I used some small boxes I found around the house to corral all my girly things.  Left to right front to back: Nail stuff, makeup, foundation stuff, brushes and tools, razors, amazing hand and body lotion, good smelling stuff, hair accessories, and in the very back are some headbands and a couple make up pouches for when we travel.  This drawer has pretty much been like this since we moved in, so it must be working, and I opted to leave well enough alone.

To help organize things a little better, I decided to remove my stuff from the top of the vanity.  Travis often works weird hours, having his stuff out and easy to find just makes sense.  I grouped together everything I need on a daily basis, and put it all into the caddy I originally got for my office.  Now it’s my daily caddy!

I just put all the stuff I use every morning or evening into the caddy, and now I can pull it out when I need it and tuck it away when I’m done.  And if I’m in a rush and happen to leave it on the counter, at least everything is contained and not scattered all over the place.
I don’t like to spend alot of time getting ready in the morning, so I don’t really use my curling or flattening irons on a regular basis.  Blow dryer, yes! I simply tucked them into a plastic bin, with the blow dryer on top, and now they are nice and neat and contained.
I tucked both the bin and the caddy into the left hand cupboard and here is what it looks like now.

I know, it’s not a stellar, OMG before and after, but it’s so much nicer now.  Everything is within easy reach, the bin and caddy are easy to get out and put back.  So far I’m finding this set up so much nicer.
On the other side of the vanity not much changed.  I just moved over the bin that holds random things like bug spray, vapor rub, eyeglasses cleaner, etc…
There’s still room over here for me to store some cleaning rags and a spray bottle or two.  
And the vanity top?  Doesn’t look much different, but the space feels more open, less cluttered.
And there you have it.  A quick little project that makes me smile every time I’m in our bathroom.  
Do you ever tackle small little projects that take no time at all?  Do you find them more gratifying than bigger ones?  Any bathroom organizing tips you’d like to share?

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